The Proper Use of Voice to Attract and Seduce Women

You can tell from a person’s voice if he is nervous, uncertain or shy. And we know for a fact that pickup artists are far from any of these.

They carefully study the most suave moves and strategies that can attract and seduce women to immediately get her in bed. This includes proper voice quality, clarity and tone.

So for any woman who was once a victim of a pickup artist, she knows exactly just how convincing and manipulative these men are. And it all starts the minute he approaches her and utters the first word.

Voice quality is important for all types of pickup artists or a.k.a. alpha males for the following reasons;

Voice quality can reveal a man’s level of confidence. It enables him to communicate his intentions better.

It reveals their level of confidence

Alpha males do not stutter and lose their words midsentence. They talk smoothly as if they know the subject by heart and are the authorities when it comes to flirting.

A clear voice with the right level of volume and a hint of confidence can sometimes win over the attention of a woman. This makes it easier for every guy to deliver their message and to drop the bomb like a pro.

Accounts for sexiness and appeal

A man with a nice speaking voice tends to draw a lot of women because it’s sexy and appealing. Pickup artists have a way of initiating conversations to win over a woman’s attention.

They know how to play with their voices and to create the right intonation suitable for every topic. Moreover, they know how to modulate their voice so they can shift from casual to friendly to sexy.

Over all, a convincing and masculine speaking voice comes almost naturally for alpha males because they use it to flirt and to seduce women.

Reflects their alpha personality

For alpha males, it’s not what they’re saying that matters but how they’re actually saying it. For instance, they can voice out suggestive messages with so much conviction that women may find it rather sexy than offensive.

Here’s the principle; if they speak softly, there is a chance that women might ignore them. If you they speak loudly, they might appear too rough and unappealing.

An “alpha tone” has the perfect balance to convey a message to a woman whether it’s intended for flirting or seduction.

Pickup artists make use of a seductive voice which is low in volume and sensual (almost close to a whisper) to infuse a sexual vibe.

Enables them to seduce a woman

Some pick up artists tend to start seducing a woman immediately after the initial approach. They make use of a seductive tone to set the right mood.

It is exactly what it is – low in volume, seductive and sensual to achieve a sexual vibe. It is also soft enough and perhaps close to whisper level which gives an alpha male a chance to breathe his words against a woman’s ear in an attempt to turn her on.

Seducing a woman requires a voice that’s slow and quite husky with words dragging out. Alpha males use this voice to create sexual tension or when he senses that the woman is about to give in.

A seductive voice can actually keep a woman from changing her mind and triggers her own sexual desires.