Top Openers Used by Pickup Artists

Pickup artists who are aspiring to master the art may find themselves thinking about openers. As for any PUA instructor, he can only share that most of his students prefer to use pick-up lines.

Alternatively they may choose lines that they are more comfortable with. The main idea is to make a tasteful choice to achieve successful seduction.

Technically, it is easy to teach basic openers. What is more challenging is the manner of delivery and the ever-so-smooth move that goes with it.

Therefore, a pickup artist’s success or failure depends primarily on his mastery of attraction, pre-qualification, kinesthetics and ability to establish connection with the woman he’s aiming at.

With that, it is safe to conclude that the opener is just the tip of the iceberg. What holds everything together is the man’s complete body language. Still, if a man is unable to make an opening line, nothing else would follow and no opportunity would open.

These are some of the standard openers that pickup artists recommend;

Pickup artists make use of openers to initiate a conversation and to capture a woman’s interest.

Spontaneous Openers

An example is just turning towards a woman you are standing next to and making a comment about the weather or the crowd.

In order to effectively use this opener, you need to become aware about what is going on around. Try to comment on something that is worth any woman’s time and attention and use it to initiate a conversation.

Spontaneous openers sound more natural and they are easy to use. There is also no need to think of a catchy phrase.

Opinion Openers

This is one of the most common types of openers wherein a man can customize a situation to make it his own. This style basically engages the set emotionally and gives plenty of time to display some value to it.

Example; man pretends to talk on the phone, hangs up and then faces the woman next to him.

“Sorry about that, it’s just my friend is upset right now and is asking me for some advice. He just discovered that his girl is still talking to her ex. She explained that it’s just for closure. Should my friend believe her?”

Energy Openers are delivered with an upbeat attitude. An example is grabbing a woman by the hand and twirling her around to infuse a fun and stimulating energy.

Energy Openers

These are fairly common openers and are mainly used in clubs, parties and other upbeat settings. Energy is infused when conversation is quite difficult due to loud music or heavy crowd.

It basically involves coming into a set and giving a woman a positive energy boost. It is important that the pickup artist’s energy is more upbeat and slightly higher than that of the environment to create a major impact.

Example; man enters the scene, grabs a woman by the hand and twirls her around while implying that she’s about to have the best time of her life because “he has arrived”.

There are many ways to approach a woman but it takes confidence and positive aura to drop an opener that can create a huge impact.

Direct Openers

Direct openers work by simply approaching a woman and introducing yourself. A man can start with; “I just saw you earlier and I think you’d look prettier right next beside me”.

Other lines that work are; “I would really love to get to know you better”, “so, tell me. Where have you been all my life?” or simply, “may I join you?”

For these openers to be effective, a man must already be seen as a high value. Direct openers are great if a man already senses an approach invitation from the women he’s been eyeing at.

Any signal that clearly indicates that she wants the man to come over and talk to her.

Funny Openers

Any pick-up line that can make a woman laugh is a good one. After all, women fall for guys with a good sense of humor that delivers a hint of flattery.

Some women might even find that sexy, appealing and entertaining.

Funny openers can start with; “does your parents know you’re still out at this hour?”, “don’t you know that it’s illegal for minors to drink alcohol?” or “I hate to say this but you should go now. Heaven is a long way from here.”

For this opener, funny pick-up lines that aren’t overly-exposed can potentially work when delivered with energy and positivity. As with any other openers, practice makes perfect. Personality and character are the main elements that can spell the success of funny openers.