How the Pickup Culture Influences Modern Men

The year 2005 marks the launch of Neil Strauss’ The Game. This New York Times best-seller talks about the seduction industry and the men who make a living out of it. It is a book that changed how men date.

It introduces its reader to Mystery, a pickup artist who is trying to break free from the toxic effects of the industry which he helped to launch.

There’s no denying that The Game and the current pickup culture in general is filled with universal male supremacy. Pickup artists practice entitlement, condescension, intimidation, dominance and manipulation.

This continues to influence how men approach women nowadays.

Types of Pickup Artists

Pickup artists may present themselves differently. Some are more seasoned ones while others are newbies who are still in the process of learning the ropes.

Despite their differences, they share a common ground and goal which is to manipulate and seduce women into submitting to them sexually.

While there are no definitive types of pickup artists based on PUA lingo, there are some classifications that somehow define them. We’ve categorized them based on how they fare in their game;

Pickup artists present themselves differently with a common goal of achieving sexual encounters with a woman. Approaches could be direct, indirect or attraction.

Indirect Game

Indirect Game starts with a normal conversation between a pickup artist and the target woman. The goal is to find out the most attractive traits of the woman through a conversation.

This enables the pickup artist to determine her qualifications based on the information she reveals about herself.

While in the process, the man judges the woman if she meets his standards then moves on to test her if she’s attracted to him. A level of comfort is established prior to making a move.

Indirect seduction is a strategy used by pickup artists to get a woman to qualify herself to his standards. She cannot reject a man outright because she has no idea that he’s interested in her or is “pre-qualifying” her.

Direct Game

Direct Game refers to an attitude rather than a strategy. It involves the use of a strong and direct opener to easily grab a woman’s attention.

To define being direct does not mean being crude or aggressive. It is practiced by using sexual language and movements. However, the main course of action is for a pickup artist to unapologetically reveal his interest towards a woman.

He then escalates it by holding her hand, touching her shoulder or leaning towards her.

Being persistent without pressuring a woman is the key to a successful direct game. Pickup artists refer to direct game as a form of art although it is just plain manipulation.

This is also where the subtleties of body language become useful and may lead to seduction and sexual encounter.

Needless to say, direct game is involved with playful male ninja moves in an attempt to lure a woman into having sex with him.

Direct Game refers to an attitude rather than a strategy. It is a direct approach men use to express sexual intentions in an outright manner.

Game of Attraction

A pickup artist who plays the game of attraction is actually trying to prove himself worthy of her trust and attention. He focuses on creating attraction between him and a woman before levelling up his moves.

This is one of the reasons why pickup artists call themselves seduction community and not merely a social community. Regardless of how casual and friendly they launch their game; they are still focused on their main motive.

And in relation to their principles, each move is a step closer to their ultimate goal which is to get laid and to convince a woman to have sex via manipulative techniques.