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My name is Rob Smith and I’m a sociologist based in Miami.

My objective for promoting is to make the general public, particularly women, aware of the seduction community that exists in this present time. To make it clear, I’m not an advocate of this community and I’m not encouraging it either.

The whole point of my immersion on the subject is to explore why men choose to take part in this circle and even undergo training to become expert pickup artists.

I have read books and references that dig deeper into the subject and I neither appreciate nor reject it. Although my conscience dictates that it is something that I would never choose to pursue.

It is also a practice that I would never choose for my own brother, son and nephews to learn.

Pickup artists have their own ideals and beliefs that perhaps explain why they are following such principles. I have weighed the pros and cons, explored the methodology and tried to make sense out of the manipulation techniques that PUA’s stand for.

However, it only enabled me to generate my own insights and establish my personal stand on the subject.

As a sociologist, I feel entitled to share my views and opinions about issues of social relevance. I have my own personal stand concerning PUA’s which is what I would like to freely express to my readers.

In conclusion, I don’t think that I’m in the right position to state my judgements over pickup artists. I don’t have negative feelings for them either because just like everybody else, they are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions.

And they can practice their freewill in any way that pleases them. What I detest are their principles and manipulative actions. In my honest opinion, violating women, seeing them as sex objects and luring them to satisfy the male ego is unfair and unjustifiable.

Given all these thoughts about PUA’s and everything that they stand for, I would explore more topics in the future and gladly share them all with you for awareness.

As a sociologist, I feel entitled to discuss topics that are of social relevance to my audience and to provide my honest opinions about them.

My sincere gratitude to everyone who’s taking the time to follow my topics and I’m sending you all my best regards.