Pickup Artist Guide: The Art of Picking Up Women

Here’s the scenario; “a man circles the bar holding his drink while scanning for women. When he finally sees a target, he initiates his approach. The woman awkwardly turns with a fake smile on her face while swirling her drink with a straw.

She chats politely before mentioning her boyfriend. Whether it’s a real boyfriend or a phantom one doesn’t matter. The man retreats and moves on to identify other fresh women.

He goes on to advance, engage and then retreat once again. The drill goes on until he finally finds a willing target.”

This practice is common among the so-called pickup artists (PUA) who describe themselves as dating coaches or seductive communities. It is a movement of men whose goals include seduction of women and sexual success.

Pickup artists are typically men who are part of a seduction community that aims to approach women in anticipation of sexual encounters with them.

Pickup artists make use of a variety of methods with the main objective of making casual encounters in anticipation of sexual relations. The act usually occurs in public places like bars, parties and other social events.

The Concept Behind Female Seduction

The routines and methods of pickup artists go way back to the year 1970. The concept became popular after the publication of the book “How to Pick Up Girls” by Eric Weber and following the popularity of the 1970’s magazine, “Pick Up Times”.

Needless to say, the sexual methodology of pickup artists continues to exist even up to the present time. And along with modernization and technological innovation, it continues to evolve to achieve new heights and to develop new strategies.

To briefly define what pickup artists are and what they do; they are a seduction community that promises to help men master the art of approaching and attracting the women they want.

Whether it is purely for social interaction, sexual purpose or to satisfy their need for real romance, pickup artists make use of comprehensive methods in approaching women.

To justify the art, pickup artists define their practices as well-crafted and have a theoretical basis.

Such seduction industry is becoming widespread due to increasing public awareness and popularity of modern dating resources such as chatlines.

Although the methods trigger a lot of doubts on the sincerity of men, they continue to thrive as new techniques enter the social scene.

Despite the controversy, pickup artists stand by their belief that all seduction practices are subject to underlying principles that can readily be manipulated once they are fully understood.

Despite the controversy behind pickup artists, they continue to thrive in the modern society. This goes to show how much men want to dominate women wherever sexual matter is concerned.

How Pickup Artists Attract Women

Pickup artists are typically men who attempt to sweet-talk and persuade women into having sex with them using a mixture of flattery, influence and psychological manipulation.

Ideally, women can refuse and say “no”. However, the community explodes to initiate widespread public consciousness.

Their efforts introduce a generation of sharp and domineering men who are capable of promoting the overcast and underhand world of pickup artists.

These men are more aggressive with obnoxious tactics enough to draw quite a lot of negative responses.

These are some of the tactics and schemes pickup artists do;


Negging refers to the act of emotional manipulation wherein a pickup artist teases a woman and makes fun of something about her in an attempt to let her guard down.

As a result of this method, the woman feels that she has to prove something to the man “negging” her.

Negging can be in a form of a backhanded or negative compliment to sabotage and weaken a woman’s confidence and trigger their need to seek the manipulator’s approval and praise.

Negging is an act of sabotaging a woman’s confidence to trigger her to seek for the manipulator’s approval.


Peacocking refers to dressing up in a flashy and attention-grabbing manner to impress women. The idea is to use extravagant and show-stopping outfits as a talking point in an attempt to hit on women and start conversations with them.

The method “peacocking” is used by pickup artists as a way to amplify attention.

The False Image

Pickup artists are the experts in pretending to be whoever a woman needs them to be. They portray a false image of themselves for a purpose that fits them.

This form of strategy is often used when using the adult lines wherein the male caller can give his phone date the impression that he is exactly what she needs.

In this way, he can get what he wants and convince the woman to meet him for a sexual encounter. Example is acting as if he’s concerned, sweet and sensitive as a manipulative act to lure a woman.

Pawning is the practice of creating a desirable aura to impress women and give the impression that you are irresistible.


The method of pawning refers to the process of discarding an unwanted woman to express a pickup artist’s own value.

It is also the practice of making an attractive woman fawn over him as proof of his charming appeal and to make another woman jealous. The intention is to create a desirable and irresistible aura that women will find tempting and hard to ignore.

Going Caveman or Cavemanning

Cavemanning refers to escalating physical contact with a woman while reducing verbal contact. When a pickup artist decides to go caveman on women, he is actually bringing her into his level of animal attraction.

It’s like allowing her to feel comfortable about expressing her sexual desires. This process of eliminating words is like encouraging the idea that it’s okay to act irrationally.

For example, a pickup artist puts his finger on a girl’s lips to stop her from talking so they can go straight into business.

Statement of Empathy

A statement of empathy is a phrase that pickup artists use to repair a situation that has become uncomfortable. Pickup artists like to play as if they have the best intentions.

Pickup artists like to make a statement of empathy to gain a woman’s trust. They use such statements to justify actions such as getting too close or too touchy.

That’s where the statement of empathy comes in handy. It’s actually a scripted line that is used after a pickup artist attempts to touch or kiss a woman causing her to step back.

Examples are; “sorry, I just got carried away” or “I apologize, I just needed a hug right now”.

Special Treatment

A pickup artist wants to successfully charm a woman by making her feel special. They have this tendency to prey on women who appear vulnerable, kind, and weak.

They know for a fact that when they make a woman feel appreciated, they act more graceful with the possibility of giving in to their request.

Such suave moves are often practiced by pickup artists over the phone dating lines to identify the winning approaches.

If a woman gives in to phone sex, it’s an indication that the manipulative technique is one that could potentially work.

Opening Statement

An opening statement gives out the idea that a pickup artist is a confident and dominant man who knows how to act upon his intentions.

Women find this desirable and sexy especially when men come up to say; “I saw you walk in from across the room and I’d just want to say hi because you seem really nice and pretty”.

Such pickup line with direct meaning can either flatter a woman or make her turn her back. Still, this is one method pickup artists tend to use.

PUA’s like to make opening statements to express their confidence and dominance. It is a strategy they use to approach a woman casually and initiate a conversation.

A Show-stopping Surprise

Perhaps one of the most famous moves of pickup artists is the show-stopping surprise. This is usually done at parties and clubs. The technique involves taking a woman by surprise.

It is done by suddenly getting in her way with both arms raised and a friendly or innocent smile. Within a split second, the move will be followed by a statement;

“Oh hi! I think I know you. Have we met before?” or “hi, can I just ask you something?” The whole idea is to make a woman stop on her tracks and listen before she even has a chance to recover from the shock.


Kinesthetics or Kino refers to the act of finding the right opportunity to touch a woman casually with natural air. The purpose is to build trust and a comfortable social interaction so a man can initiate sexual interest later on.

Kinoing” involves light touches to the shoulder, brushing up against a woman’s arm, holding her hand, and stroking her hair.

Sexual dialing is an expression of outright intention for sex. It involves touching a woman and seducing her in the process.

Sexual Dialing

Sexual dialing is a form of seduction foreplay wherein there is an outright intention for sex. It is a more aggressive and advanced level of “kinoing” wherein a pickup artist expresses towards a woman that he is interested in her sexually.

The man can intentionally touch a woman on her thighs, stomach, neck and waist to turn her on and imply about his intentions of getting physical and intimate with her.

How Pickup Artists Fare in the Society

Pickup artists would never admit it but they do nothing short of teaching men and teenage boys principles of manipulation. In this world we live in, they are nothing short of players looking for their next game.

They exert their meaningless efforts in developing strategies that promote physical and verbal violence against women. Their purpose is to forcefully subject women to their will and to put them under their spell.

Such actions are unfair towards women and encourage disrespect and shameful behavior.

Experienced PUA’s know how to attract and seduce women to satisfy their sexual interests and to feed their male ego.

Pickup artists are one of the reasons why a lot of women think that men nowadays lack genuine motives and are generally untrustworthy.

And while pickup artists continue to gain popularity in society and are slowly building industry for themselves, their morality, righteousness, and integrity remain questionable regardless of how much they thrive in their efforts.