Body Language Used by Pickup Artists to Attract Women

A person’s body language can reveal a lot about his intentions and internal state of mind. Psychological studies reveal that non-verbal communication and body language reveal more about a person than other types of interaction.

You can tell from a person’s body language if he’s relaxed, agitated, preoccupied or upset. This applies to approaching women in public places.

Pickup artists have their own way of communicating their intentions non-verbally using their own body language. Here are some of the key points often used by the so-called alpha males of this generation.

Pickup artists have their own way of communicating non-verbally. They make use of their body language to attract and seduce women.

Eye Contact

Pickup artists like to make eye contact with women. This is how they express their authority, confidence and dominance when flirting.

They find making eye contact as a convenient way to attract attention and to carefully study whether a woman is worth pursuing or not.

During a conversation, alpha males like to look at women straight in the eye while carefully examining her gestures and body features. The act itself can sometimes create tension to women who are not into such type of game.

However, women who are more aggressive and those who are willing to prove to males that they are up for anything can sometimes respond to the eye contact with something that’s more suggestive.

Men choose an advantageous angle to attract and seduce a woman. A good angle allows easy access to touch her and to look at her straight in the eye.

Advantageous Angle

Men who are not flirting and are merely interacting normally won’t pay attention to their angle. Pickup artists have a natural tendency to face women dead on when they are talking to them.

They would approach from the side and once they start talking using their alpha male voice, they would turn their body towards the woman and sometimes lean closer.

The man’s body position is usually in a suitable angle wherein he can easily get close to the woman to determine how closer he can get.

An advantageous angle also allows easy access to touch her whenever there’s an opportunity. This body language can help men go leaps and bounds in attracting women.


A man who has sexual intentions towards a woman will not miss the chance to touch her. Pickup artists know when to jump from the ropes and to take their chance in holding a woman’s hand, arm, shoulder or waist.

A subtle touch may seem harmless at first but the longer it takes for a woman to resist, the more aggressive the touches can be. This body language can either make a woman give in or walk away.

Pickup artists like to stare at their target for a long time. Then gives a hint of smile followed by a nod prior to approaching her and initiating a conversation.

Hint of Smile

A hint of smile might seem friendly and harmless. But this is usually how alpha males catch their prey. They project themselves as good guys as a starting point and gradually escalate to the next level as they’re starting to win over the trust and confidence of a woman.

The Nod

Pickup artists know when to hold eye contact to do the nodding move. This seems like a convenient and almost casual gesture but it’s an effective way for alpha males to say “hey there, I’m checking you out” or “hey, I seem to know you”.

A stare followed by a nod with drink in hand can serve as the perfect initial approach. With some confidence, this fairly common body language can be a winning move.