ago 082009

Los proyectos que soliciten ayuda del Fondo para la Cultura y la Educación deberán cumplir los siguientes requisitos:

  • Deberán demostrar un fuerte componente internacional en las áreas de la educación y del teatro.
  • Tendrán prioridad los miembros de AITA/IATA (podrán hacerse excepciones en casos de países donde no existan centros nacionales ni miembros afiliados)
  • • Los proyectos deberán estar relacionados con eventos oficiales de AITA/IATA o poseer una fuerte conexión con la Asociación.

El comité de selección espera que el solicitante pueda demostrar fehacientemente la necesidad del proyecto. Las solicitudes deben poder demostrar la búsqueda de un nivel artístico elevado.

The application must include the following:

  1. A detailed description of the project in English, French or Spanish, but no more than two sides of A4 paper. It is okay to add other appropriate materials.
  2. A copy of your constitution and/or by-laws
  3. A copy of your most recent (audited, if possible) accounts
  4. A projected income and expenditure analysis for the project
  5. Letters of support from partner organisations who you hope to involve in the project. This could include Ministries, other AITA/IATA asbl Regions and National Centres, specific groups, etc.

La cifra máxima disponible para cada proyecto es de € 2500, pudiéndose dar apoyo a cuatro proyectos por año. At the moment the budget will cover a maximum of €10,000 to be allocated per annum for projects in the years 2007 and 2008.

The deadlines for the applications are 1st June and 1st November.

Unfortunately AITA/IATA asbl does not have the resources to assist in the process of applications. If an application is incomplete and does not include all the above, it will not be considered. All materials may be sent electronically. The Standard Conditions of Grant provide a legal and binding agreement between the grant Recipient and AITA/IATA asbl and are worded appropriately. The AITA/IATA asbl Secretariat will assist with any difficulties of understanding and interpretation.

Applications should be sent to:
AITA/IATA asbl General Secretariat
Vene 6
Tallinn 10123
Fax: +372 6418 406
Phone:+372 6418 405

Recommendations will be made by the selection committee to Council at the next plenary session following a meeting of the Culture and Education Fund Committee. This may involve a delay of some months. The decision of the Council is final and no appeals will be considered.

When a Recipient is informed of a positive decision to grant the money, the Recipient has to confirm acceptance of the grant in writing to the AITA/IATA asbl Secretariat. Upon receipt by AITA/IATA asbl of the Recipient’s written acceptance of the offer, the AITA/IATA asbl and the Recipient will become bound by the standard conditions of grant outlined below and any special or additional conditions set out in or attached to the AITA/IATA asbl’s offer of grant.

Standard Conditions of Grant:

AITA/IATA asbl undertakes:

To transfer the money to the Recipient’s official account within four weeks of the Recipient having confirmed in writing the acceptance of the grant and informed AITA/IATA asbl of the relevant details of the Recipient’s official bank account necessary for money transaction. If the Recipient within three months of the date of AITA/IATA asbl’s offer of grant has not confirmed in writing the acceptance of the grant, AITA/IATA asbl may in its sole discretion withdraw the grant and bring this agreement to an end by giving notice in writing to the Recipient.

The Recipient undertakes:

  1. To conduct the project assisted by the AITA/IATA asbl Culture and Education Fund in accordance with the principles set in AITA/IATA asbl Constitution and bye-laws.
  2. To use the grant only for the purposes of the project described in the grant application and to carry out and complete the assisted project in accordance with the details set out in the grant application.
  3. To notify AITA/IATA asbl immediately of any material changes in the Recipient’s circumstances or plans affecting the assisted project.
  4. Unless agreed in advance in writing by AITA/IATA asbl, not to use the grant as a reserve for any other activity.
  5. To acknowledge the grant on all published and printed material in the form
  6. “Supported by the Culture and Education Fund of AITA/IATA asbl”.
  7. To display the official AITA/IATA asbl logo available from the Secretariat on all published and printed material relating to the supported project.
  8. To send materials publicising the event; posters, handbills, programmes etc to the AITA/IATA asbl Secretariat for archive purposes.
  9. To submit a written report and actual accounts for the project to the AITA/IATA asbl Secretariat within three months following completion of the project.
  10. Not to use the acknowledgement of grant or any other references to AITA/IATA asbl in any way to imply that AITA/IATA asbl undertakes or accepts responsibility to third parties for the grant Recipient’s debts or obligations.


AITA/IATA asbl may in its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights that it may have against the Recipient either require the Recipient to return all or part of the grant that may have been paid and/or withhold any outstanding payments of grant should any of the following events of default arise:

  1. The Recipient has failed to observe any of its undertakings to AITA/IATA asbl as defined above;
  2. If any information or representation provided to AITA/IATA asbl in connection with the grant has found to have been made fraudulently, incorrectly or is misleading;
  3. The Recipient has acted fraudulently or negligently in relation to carrying out the assisted project.