NARA – Amérique du nord


NARA – North American Regional Alliance

Represented on the AITA/IATA Council by Kathleen Maldonado from the United States.

NARA Members are:
Canada, United States of America

The North American Regional Alliance (NARA) came in to being at the 11th AITA/IATA World Festival and Congress in Monaco 1973. Theatre Canada grew out of the Dominion Drama Festival, which first took place in 1933. Theatre USA grew out of the American Theatre Association (ATA), which began in 1935.

Theatre Canada and Theatre USA as well as member organisations attempt to include the 1977 AITA/IATA resolutions to achieve excellence in their work and will continue to conduct a variety of workshops, conferences and festivals to implement them in the future. Almost every state, provincial and national organisation produces annual conferences and festivals and will continue to do so.

Canada hosted the 26th AITA/IATA World Festival and Congress 2003 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the IDEA International Drama Congress in 2004 in Ottawa.

Representatives of Theatre Canada provincial organisations and Theatre USA national organizations sit on the Board of NARA.

Contact Information

Regional Representative

Ms. Kathleen Maldonado > email
P.O. Box 154
Alto, NM 88312
Telephone: +1 575 336 1872

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