Oct 112017

Washington Masenda ZimbabweAt the 2017 General Assembly, Affiliate Zimbabwe was ratified by delegates as an AITA/IATA National Centre and joined Poland and Uganda, who were also ratified as full Members.

Unfortunately, Washington Masenda, National Director of the ASSITEJ/AITA office, was unable to be in Monaco but he reports that his key message is about Continue reading »

Apr 122017

Friends National FB LogoAITA/IATA asbl is delighted to welcome a new Associate, Friends Nation, the first in Zimbabwe. We were approached by Warren Usaihwevhu from the organisation.

Warren said that he had an organisation working on representing amateur theatre. He noted that there was still much to learn and he wanted to create a direct link with AITA/IATA. Continue reading »

Apr 132015

Zimbabwe Affiliate Washington Masenda from ASSITEJ /IATA writes about a hosting South Africa, Sweden, Mozambique and Zambia during the Harare International Festival.

They will also host two special workshops which will be visited by the ASSITEJ President Yvette Hardie.

The very detailed information from Washington Continue reading »

Sep 042013

Delegates unanimously ratified new Affiliate Members at the 2013 General Assembly and it is with great pleasure that we welcome them to aita/iata. The organisations have up to four years to establish themselves and be ratified in a future General Assembly as the aita/iata National Centre in their country. They are:

  • Poland, Fundacja Graj!
  • Uganda, Tender Talents Magnet School
  • Zimbabwe, Washington Masenda aita/iata / ASSITEJ

 Poland – several decades ago, aita/iata had good connections with Polish theatre and it is good to be able to renew the connection through Fundacja Graj! Delegates in Monaco had the opportunity to meet Simon Blaschko and Filip Kempa who attended their first World International Theatre Festival and made many good friends.  More information about Fundacja Graj! can be read HERE.

Uganda – Frank Katoola and the Tender Talents Magnet Theatre School are reported on HERE on this website having held the 1st East African Children’s Festival – theatre by children for children to great acclaim. Frank is working with the University in Kampala to help establish an organisation that can co-ordinate amateur theatre in Uganda.

Zimbabwe – aita/iata is very happy to welcome Zimbabwe back into the aita/iata family. Washington Masenda works with ASSITEJ in Zimbabwe and he is delighted to be able to have this opportunity to help develop a better amateur theatre network in his country. For information about ASSITEJ in Zimbabwe go HERE.

Also we re-confirmed Affiliate Satu Kata Indonesia under Alika Chandra and look forward to hearing from them about their progress towards National Centre Status in 2015.

Contact details for these four Affiliates are on the pages ‘Members Of aita/iata’ HERE.

Secretariat aita/iata