May 072015

Logo iata 250These are the guidelines for hosting a World Festival of either Children’s Theatre or Youth Theatre. The text is below and HERE is a PDF of the document.



The AITA/IATA Standing Committee for Children and Youth believes: Continue reading »

Jan 272015

Quinto Romagnoli from the aita/iata National Centre of Italy (FITA / UILT) confirms sends information about this Festival of Drama Education ‘Il Gerione. He notes that the National Centre supports this important meeting of young people.

The Festival is created by Teatro dei Dioscuri and supported by the Town Council of Campania Region (SW Italy). Continue reading »

Feb 012013

Johanna Nyman writes to say that:

We are looking for young amateur theater group for Ramppikuume 2013!

We kindly invite you to Finnish Youth Theater Festival Ramppikuume 2013 in Mikkeli Finland.

Ramppikuume is for 13-20 year old amateurs theater groups and their directors. Youth theater performances are the base of the festival which includes workshops that are run by theater professionals.

There will be three days of energetic youngster theater performances, theater training run by top professionals along with networking and having the time of your life. The Festival is held in Mikkeli, Finland on 26 – 28 April 2013.

More information is available HERE and the website is HERE

The application deadline is 28 February 2013

If you need any more information please email Jaakko Hanhela

Suomen Nuoriso-opisto
Paukkulantie 22 50170
Tel: +35844 416 2425

Ramppikuume, Mikkeli 2013

Ramppikuume, Mikkeli 2013




Aug 212010

I consider myself a very lucky person to have been able to attend the 11th World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Lingen (Ems) in Germany in June of 2010. I attended in my capacity as President of AITA/IATA which was a great honour for me. As this must be a brief article, I will refer to what were a number of high lights for me.

The opening ceremony emphasised again the community spirit of this festival with what seemed like the participation of the whole population of Lingen. For the first time in Lingen, European groups were slightly outnumbered by non-European groups, which is a very healthy sign for the organisation that is AITA/IATA. A significant number of groups came from South America, including Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil.

As I was not able to attend all productions, I can only refer to a number of them that touched me deeply. These included Slovakia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, and Japan among others. The atmosphere created in the Park of Dreams was fantastic and provided a happy and safe base for the children throughout the festival. A symposium was held alongside the festival, organised by the European Centre of AITA/IATA on the theme “Theatre as an Art of Survival”. This was a most stimulating event and I look forward to the publication of its findings.

Another wonderful feature of the festival was the Directors’ Forum and although I could not attend I heard many positive reports about it.

In our lives, I believe that we will have but a few peak experiences. I saw enough eveidence to convince me that for many of the children present in Lingen, if not all, this was one of those very special occasions.

Thank you Lingen
Paddy O’Dwyer