Oct 192017

The second edition of the International Festival of Theater and Performing Arts will take place from 18 to 21 April 2018 in Agadir, Morocco. This festival represents a real artistic platform and an occasion for meetings between groups coming from several countries to present their artistic productions in Arabic, French, English or any other language. Continue reading »

Jun 092013

The following report comes from Jorge Crespi, candidate for the post of Spanish Speaking Secretary. The Festival was announced on this website here in May and now we have the report and pictures from Jorge.

The organisers of the Oujda festival are Comedrama, a member of the Moroccan Federation of Theatre and CIFTA members. Mohammed Benjeddi, a member of Comedrama is the CIFTA Vice-President.

In the Hall of the Cultural Centre of Oujda lights went out… On stage, Geneviève Poizeau, of the Fruit du Chêne company, covered by a light that made it seem between stars, said:

“Oujda…Oujda… it’s pleasant to pronounce the city name. Oujda, when visitors come here, they want to come back. The inhabitants are hospitable and friendly. Oujda, is a city to discover.” Personally I got an invitation because it is the third time that I have attended. Maybe at the end of the tenth time Ryanair will offer me a free flight!  Continue reading »