Apr 242017

The 2017 Drama in Education Congress is over and Dagmar Hoefferer-Brunthaler, Chair of IDEA, Austria reports on a highly successful event. Make a note of the next one - 12-17 April 2019.

Austria _ Drama in Education Congress 2017- made by Leo Berger

Challenging situations in and outside pedagogical environments seems to be more and more normal. It might be a challenging way of teaching an issue, a challenge in complex learning or challenging controversies and discussions. Continue reading »

Sep 302012

In August 2009, aita/iata announced (here) a Memorandum of agreement with IDEA and we are delighted, therefore, to announce the next IDEA World Congress.

The IDEA 2013 Congress Website is here: www.idea-paris-2013.org

Important dates for the Paris Congress 2013 are as follows:

CALL FOR PAPERS & Early Bird Offer

Aug 092009

aita/iata has encouraged further contact and liaison with the International Drama in Education Association (IDEA) over many years.

Dr. Dan Baron Cohen, the current President of IDEA was invited to participate in the 17th World Congress Drama in Education in Burg Schlaining Austria in April this year, where he had significant meetings with the Standing Committee for Children and Youth.

At the end of the Congress, a Memorandum of agreement was produced. This agreement is will be subject to ratification by Council of aita/iata at the council meeting in Monaco and also similarly with by the General Council of IDEA.

IDEA Agreement

IDEA Agreement


This agreement marks the culmination of much effort in this direction, which began with the Past President Thomas Hauger’s visit to the IDEA Congress in Australia in 1995.

[Go HERE to view the Memorandum of Agreement mentioned here.]

Aug 082009

Memorandum of Agreement
Between AITA/IATA asbl
(International Amateur Theatre Association)
and IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association)

During the 17th IATA/AITA World Congress held in Burg Schlaining, Austria, 3rd-9th April 2009, the IATA/AITA Standing Committee for Children and Youth met with Dan Baron Cohen, President of IDEA, to discuss the distinctive contributions of each organization in order to support and strengthen one another.

The following six actions were agreed:

  1. To invite the President of each organization to participate in the World Congress and General Assembly of the other organization;
  2. To create opportunities to exchange expertise and to collaborate;
  3. To maintain an integrated calendar of regional and world events and exchange of information;
  4. To promote the events of each organization through its networks in order to broaden world-wide participation;
  5. To ensure the active participation of IATA/AITA in the development and strategic projects of the World Alliance for Arts Education;
  6. To explore possibilities of forming a World Theatre Council with ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) and ITI (International Theatre Institute) to strengthen research, networking and advocacy.

Helle B. Hauger
Chair of the SCCY

Dan Baron Cohen
President of IDEA

Paddy O’Dwyer
President of AITA/IATA

signed at Burg Schlaining in Austria, 9th April 2009

This Memorandum of Agreement will be submitted for acceptance by the Council of IATA/AITA and the General Council of IDEA.

Read more about this agreement by going here. (opens to new website)

Apr 092009

Logo aita 250On 9 April 2009 an agreement was signed between AITA/IATA asbl and IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association).  The aim is to provide support and to strengthen each organisation. Six actions were agreed and they are listed in the document.

HERE is a link to the document.

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl