Nov 232016

Pauline Berto of Festival Shakespeare Théâtre du Sycomore writes to announce the 2017 Shakespeare Festival.

This is a cultural project gathering young people from Théâtre du Sycomore and other young amateurs from different backgrounds and countries around actions facilitating meeting, sharing and cultural exchange. Continue reading »

Nov 142015

Promouvoir la compréhension et l’éducation par le théâtre.
To promote understanding and education through theatre.
Promover el entendimiento y la educación a través del teatro.

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AITA/IATA’s mission may be translated in many ways…

Last night’s sad events in Paris reminded us, for the second time this year, that the world and humanity still have a long way to go… What next?

What happened in Paris, a city that stands for positive human progress and development, is an insult to the core of civilisation and an attack on the universal values we should all share. Where next?

The international community of amateur theatre shares this moment of sadness with the people of France and elsewhere in the world where colleagues suffer from the effects of war, racism, fanatical extremism and terrorism. Where are we going?

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, please…

Rob Van Genechten – President, AITA/IATA asbl
14 November 2015

Jan 162014

Jacques Lemaire has sent us information about the Theatre Poster Competition which we announced on this website back in October 2012.

While the Centre de l’Affiche (Bill Poster Centre) of Toulouse is having its 30th birthday, Le Théâtre s’Affiche is organizing a 3rd contest and is looking forward to the future. Continue reading »

Oct 162013

The actors group Continents Comédians will hold an international festival May 28 – June 1, 2014.

They invite you to participate. The Festival is in St Léger du Bourg Denis, near Rouen, France.

The application form for the festival is HERE

Application deadline is 28 October 2013.

Secretariat aita/iata