Jun 072015

Spots Op 2015It’s out! Its a great read! And it will get you in the mood for some great international amateur theatre taking place 7 – 12 July 2015. The programme includes both the international performances and those from Belgium (Flanders) and some practical information about the festival site and arrangements.

It is available on-line on the Spots op West 2015 website Continue reading »

Dec 222014

Spots Op 2015The Spots op West 2015 Form for Observers who wish to attend the Spots op West 2015 Festival and the aita/iata Forum and General Assembly is now online. Delegates selected by their aita/iata National Centres to attend have received a separate Delegate Form.

If you wish to be an Observer and attend multiple performances at the Spots op West Festival and / or attend the two day aita/iata Forum and General Assembly on 8 and 9 July, download and complete the Observers’ Form Continue reading »

May 072014

Spots Op 2015

Post update: The groups to take part in the international festival have been selected. They are listed on the Spots op Website.

In March we announced that the selection process for the aita/iata International Amateur Theatre Festival had started. This is a reminder about the actions needed by all aita/iata National Centres who want their country represented in the Festival.

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Apr 252013

Children & Youth Theater Turgi announce this festival and welcomes groups to apply to perform for this festival in 2014. Theater Turgi are not aita/iata Associates.
Group size: 12 – 15 plus 1 Director and 1 Welfare leader
Age: 9 – 15
To apply, send an email to Katrin with a description of the group; the way they work;  a description of the play; and some pictures of the performance. Send to katrinjanser@gmail.com. Continue reading »

Oct 202012

A poster contest without borders

In 2013 the association Le Théâtre s’Affiche will launch its third International Amateur Theatre Poster Contest.

Born in Midi-Pyrénées, France, this contest gathers, rewards and edits posters made by amateur theatre groups or by festivals in France or abroad.

Prizes will be awarded on 1st June 2013 at the Jules-Julien theatre in Toulouse, France.

The poster is a medium that breaks the barriers of language. Thus the contest is open to amateur theatre groups world-wide.

LE THEATRE S’AFFICHE also created a website to publicise the aims of the contest where the application forms (available in English, Spanish and French) can be downloaded and where all the posters, applicants or winners, of the contest since 2009 can be displayed. On the website everyone will also be able to follow the real-time progress of the 2013 contest.

Please circulate this call for applications to theatre groups in your federation so that they have the opportunity to participate.

The Registration Form is HERE

The full information is HERE

The website is at letheatresaffiche.org

For more information do not hesitate to email the organisers at letheatresaffiche@yahoo.fr 

 Postal address:

Le Théâtre s’Affiche,
14, rue Paul Dupin
31500 Toulouse


Sep 182012

For the first time FUNDARTE , Aruba arranged an International Children’s theatre festival in Aruba.

Children’s Theatre from Columbia, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Venezuela and four Children’s Theatre groups from Aruba performed and participated in the 1st International Children’s theatre festival in Aruba held 23 – 26 October 2011.

Actors from Aruba

Actors from Aruba

Sadly, the group from Mexico, a group from Venezuela and the group from St. Lucia canceled their participation – but there was an INTERNATIONAL spirit in the theatre CAS DE CULTURA whenever a group showed their performance. For every performance in the theatre in CAS DE CULTURA there was a full and very enthusiastic audience – a lot of children attended every performance both in the morning and in the evening.

Every group performed twice in schools during these their days in Aruba – in different schools with children from different cultural backgrounds and languages. Each performance was a big success  which was staged in a simple and plain style created just for the occasion. Five thousand Aruban children managed to attend performances during the festival – a large number of children agreed the President of FUNDARTE Leo Tromp.Uganda makes workshop with 100 children in schools

One of the main ideas of this festival is to give Aruban Children the knowledge of children`s theatre that can be performed by children working seriously using theatre skills. Alongside the festival, workshops were arranged and even a Director´s forum which I was delighted to chair in my capacity as Chair of the aita/iata committee for children and youth.

I really enjoyed every moment of this very concentrated but relaxed 1st International Children´s Theatre Festival in Aruba. I got close to both the directors and to the children and I learned that the organisers thought that the festival had been a great success and they wanted to continue it in the future. So thank you to FUNDARTE, to Leo Tromp and his excellent staff for this wonderful initiative and for their great hospitality.

Venezuela perform in schools

Venezuela perform in schools

The idea of creating an INTERNATIONAL CHILDRENS´THEATRE FESTIVAL by inviting only few groups from overseas who then connect with local groups is an excellent idea for other to follow. The concept of taking each performance to schools in order to give more children in the host country access to watch the performances is also an excellent idea, not only for the children performing but also the children in the audience. It also generates a huge amount of goodwill from which future festivals will surely  benefit.

More photos are below and also on the aita/iata facebook site.

Helle Hauger


In the theatre Casa de cultura

Columbia perform in schools



Jul 202012

The NEATA festival in Sonderborg will soon take place. More information about this event is also this website HERE and the programme for the festival is HERE.

One item on the 1 August 2012 agenda of the NEATA steering Committee will be a presentation from Josef Hollos about the formation of, and ideas behind, EFAT – European Forum of Amateur Theatre. A note about a meeting held in Berlin from 27 to 29 April, 2012 is HERE. Continue reading »

Mar 252012

World Children's 2014 Logo thumbnailCanadian Children’s Theatre practitioners recently made a preliminary bid to host an aita/iata World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, Ontario in 2016. The Chair of the Standing Committee for Children and Youth, Helle Hauger, recommended the action to the aita/iata Executive Board at its recent meeting in Nancy, France, and the EB has given the proposal its preliminary endorsement.

The Canadian organizers are led by Artistic Director Ron Dodson and Administrative Director Wendy McNaughton. Ron is the former President of Theatre/Theatre Canada Continue reading »