Nov 162014

Logo iata 250The aita/iata Council (EB and Regional Representatives) met in Peligros, Spain at the kind invitation of the aita/iata National Centre of Spain – CETA (Confederación Española de Teatro Amateur). While in Spain, Council were delighted to personally congratulate the new President of the Spanish National Centre, Sylvana Gross-Melzer and to thank outgoing President Jorge Crespi, aita/iata Spanish Speaking Secretary for all his work. Continue reading »

Jul 312014

Logo iata 250The aita/iata Council (EB and Regional Representatives) met in Lingen (Ems), Germany at the kind invitation of the organisers of the 13th World Festival of Children’s Theatre, Lingen, Germany.

The first day’s meeting concerned Renewal Matters and Council discussed in full the early responses to the Renewal Documents Continue reading »

Nov 042013

The Executive Board (EB) of aita/iata met on 2 November 2013 in Gent, Belgium at the generous invitation of Opendoek, the National Centre of Belgium (Flemish).

This was also an opportunity to hold a meeting with the organisers of the Spots Op West festival in preparation for the 2015 aita/iata International Festival. Also, the first meeting of the aita/iata Renewal Working Group took place. Continue reading »

Apr 042013

Appointment of a new interim English Speaking Secretary

It is with great pleasure that aita/iata announces the appointment of Aled Rhys-Jones as the interim English Speaking Secretary. The appointment is effective immediately and Aled will serve until the General Assembly and Congress in 2015.

Aled served as the English Speaking Secretary from 1999 – 2007 and has been associated with aita/iata and amateur theatre in his native Wales, the UK and internationally for many years. He is delighted to have the opportunity to take up this appointment and to work with EB and Council.

Secretariat aita/iata

Mar 312013

Summary of aita/iata EB and Council meetings, Berlin 8 and 9 February 2013

The aita/iata EB and Council met in Berlin, Germany between 8 and 9 February 2013. The gathering was hosted by the German National Centre, BDAT (Bund Deutscher Amateur Theater) through the good offices of Norbert Radermacher. He was a generous host, for which EB and Council members were extremely grateful. Everyone was also delighted to visit such a vibrant and historical city. Continue reading »

Oct 312012
Midland Community Theatre, Texas, USA

Summary of aita/iata EB and Council meeting

The aita/iata EB and Council met in Midland, Texas between 25 – 27 October 2012. The gathering was hosted by the Midland Community Theatre (MCT) and the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT).

Hurricane Sandy prevented some members from attending, but European and North American representatives were kept very busy moving through the lengthy list of agenda items over the three-day period. Continue reading »

Feb 102012

Logo iata 250Update: there have been the following changes since the publication of this article: Anne Gilmour now operates the secretariat from London, England; at the 2013 Monaco Congress, Villy Dall was elected Treasurer; and Aled Rhys-Jones was appointed Interim English Speaking Secretary when Anne Gilmour stood down from that post. 

I am writing with great pleasure to announce to you all that the AITA/IATA Secretariat in Oslo is now open for business

I want to introduce you to your new secretary Mrs. Christin Sund who is working part time and without salary to support our organization. Mrs. Sund is supported by Mr. Svein J. Svensson, The President of Norwegian Theatre Council. Continue reading »

Jul 142010

Logo iata 250It was a wonderful experience for me to meet so many delegates, friends and new faces in Monaco. As members and friends of AITA/IATA will expect, it was a very well organised Congress and Festival and all aspects were efficient and framed within a warm welcome and warm hospitality.

Thank you to all those who participated in the Festival.

A few notable features are worth highlighting. Simultaneous translation in the plenary sessions was most helpful and our words both in Congress and the Colloquia were expertly interpreted into and from all three official languages. Continue reading »

Jul 142010

After having being our World President during four years, Jacques Lemaire returns to the Executive Board as the new French Speaking Secretary

My name is not unknown by the elders in our membership.

Yes! I am the one you already met.

After 6 years away from the Executive Board, I join again the team.

Why coming back as French-speaking Secretary after a mandate of 4 years as world President? At first because I am a French native, but also because I never lost contact on a friendly basis with old fellows and at institutional level as being elected Vice-president of CIFTA, one of the elements contributing efficiently to the foundation of AITA/IATA, being older as founded in 1947. It is important keeping in mind that just after termination of my 4 years presidential mandate, in 2003 in Halifax, I participated, as representative of the French Centre FNCTA, to foundation of the new AITA/IATA asbl, created according Belgian law, to be registered in Belgium, the country where the ancient AITA/IATA was initially founded. This act was a strong landmark as, beyond the important administrative fact of a legal international identity, it meant that this association was willing to simultaneously assert its diversity and its unity. Its diversity was asserted by having 3 founders from 3 different regions, each region using as official language one the the 3 official languages of AITA/IATA asbl and also its unity as including among the 4 founders the Centre which continues to reassemble every 4 years the delegates and theatre groups from the World.

Registration in Belgium is having a consequence for our organization as the only official language which is common between Belgium and AITA/IATA asbl is French, which implies for us to take care of producing official document in good French strictly respecting our debates, which are often carried and recorded in English. A duty of the French-speaking Secretary is to make sure that the French texts are accurate. Pierre Cellario, who was also one of the founders, has fulfilled scrupulously this duty during 2 mandates but could not stand for reelection. For continuing properly the work, the needed officer has to know well the association, to practice correctly English and also (sadly) to have means or to get necessary funds for covering travel costs associated with the position. I said sadly to underline how unfortunate it is that possibility to serve as a member of Board or of Council is till depending, beyond motivation and skills, to individual’s financial situation or possibility to get financial support. Voluntary work must be combined with patronage for allowing any individual to fulfill those functions; in my case FNCTA has been financing quite a number of my trips. Moreover, a great friend of our association who passed away beginning of this year, Guy Villers, was paying all these costs with his own money!

My patronage being secured, by one national federation which ever wanted to fulfill totally its duty of ambassador of the French-speaking culture within international bodies, the only remaining issue was voluntary work. All of you who know me are sure that I have the motivation, the availability and a reasonable level in English. I was moved by the large amount of positive votes and hope to fulfill your expectation.

Jacques Lemaire