Oct 112017

Washington Masenda ZimbabweAt the 2017 General Assembly, Affiliate Zimbabwe was ratified by delegates as an AITA/IATA National Centre and joined Poland and Uganda, who were also ratified as full Members.

Unfortunately, Washington Masenda, National Director of the ASSITEJ/AITA office, was unable to be in Monaco but he reports that his key message is about Continue reading »

Apr 122017

Friends National FB LogoAITA/IATA asbl is delighted to welcome a new Associate, Friends Nation, the first in Zimbabwe. We were approached by Warren Usaihwevhu from the organisation.

Warren said that he had an organisation working on representing amateur theatre. He noted that there was still much to learn and he wanted to create a direct link with AITA/IATA. Continue reading »

Sep 262016

AITA/IATA asbl is delighted to welcome a new Associate from South Africa – Artscape. They are based in the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

The organisation sent a youth group to take part in the AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children’s Theatre (WFCT) in Stratford Ontario in June 2016 Continue reading »

Apr 142012

A report from Richard Finch, South Africa

Richard has long been associated with AITA/IATA,principally leading workshops with Children and young people.

The International Theatre community will be that much richer if it is able to share the dynamic culture of sub- Saharan Africa.

Dance, Drumming, storytelling is as vital to the diverse tribal groups across Africa as is the daily nourishment of maize meal.

It is thus that I, along with colleagues in Uganda and Zimbabwe have launched “The Africa Initiative”. We wish to promote a more visible presence of African Dance and Drama, both across Africa itself and on the International stage, with young Africans attending workshops, symposia and Festivals.

My longstanding involvement with AITA/IATA has accorded me the privilege of working with many nations and sharing the excitement of theatre, especially that presented by children and young people. Over the past few years our appetite for the rich diversity of African theatre has been whetted by groups from Uganda, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso.

We now want to experience more of these African groups. The challenge is to overcome financial and geographical constraints and to raise the profile of the excellence of African Dance and Drama.

We are determined that 2013 will see a major Festival of Young People’s Theatre, hopefully in Cape Town. Discussions are also taking place at Makere University in Kampala, Uganda.

The spark is about to ignite and the vibrant fires of African dance, drumming and storytelling will illuminate more Festivals around the world.

Richard Finch

April 2012