SARA – South America


SARA – South American Regional Alliance

There is no formal SARA Representative on the AITA/IATA asbl Council.

SARA Members, Affiliates or Associates who are active are:

Paraguay (Associate), Peru (Associate)

Former SARA Members, Affiliates or Associates are:

Argentina (no active National Centre or Associate), Brazil (Affiliate status not ratified), Chile (Affiliate status not ratified), Colombia (National Centre, no recent contact), Curacao (Associate no recent contact),  Venezuela (Associate, no recent contact)

SARA came into existence at the 19th aita/iata World Congress in Halden, Norway 1991.

In September 1996 during the “International Theatre Festival of Aruba – FITA”, groups from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Venezuela held a meeting to discuss the possibility of the formation of SARA. A follow-up meeting was organised to take place in December 1997 during the First International Theatre Festival – “FIESTA”, in Caracas, Venezuela.

Mr.Teobaldo Guillen Valdes from Colombia was elected in 1991 during the aita/iata Congress in Norway to be the first official representative for the SARA region within the aita/iata Council. Later on, during the aita/iata Congress in Morocco in 1999, Mr. Gustavo Ott from Venezuela was chosen as the second official representative of SARA to the aita/iata Council.

Contact Information

If you are from a SARA country and wish to learn more about aita/iata, contact the AITA/IATA asbl secretariat

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