NARA – North America


NARA – North American Regional Alliance

Members at the 2017 General Assembly voted for no direct Regional Representation to Council. The NARA Regional Representative, Kathleen Maldonado, ended her role on Council as the Regional Representative and ended her tour of duty at the 2017 General Assembly.

NARA Members are:
Canada, United States of America

The North American Regional Alliance (NARA) came in to being at the 11th AITA/IATA asbl World Festival and Congress in Monaco 1973. Theatre Canada grew out of the Dominion Drama Festival, which first took place in 1933. Theatre USA grew out of the American Theatre Association (ATA), which began in 1935.

Theatre Canada and Theatre USA as well as member organisations attempt to include the 1977 AITA/IATA asbl resolutions to achieve excellence in their work and will continue to conduct a variety of workshops, conferences and festivals to implement them in the future. Almost every state, provincial and national organisation produces annual conferences and festivals and will continue to do so.

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