CIFTA – Conseil International des Fédérations de Théâtre Amateur de culture latine


CIFTA – Conseil International des Fédérations de Théâtre Amateur de culture latine

Represented on the aita/iata Council by Cyril Walter, France. HERE is the CIFTA website.

CIFTA Members:

FNCD and UCW, Belgium; CETA, FGATC and Escenamateur, Spain; FNCTA, France; FITA, TAI and UILT Italy; FNTA Morocco; Le Studio, Monaco; FQTA Quebec (Canada); FSSTA and FFSI, Switzerland; and FTT, Tunisia.

Represents the following countries:
Algeria, Belgium (French region), Canada (Quebec), France, Italy, Monaco, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland (French and Italian speaking regions), Tunisia.

Founded in 1947, CIFTA is the regional committee of aita/iata for the countries of the Romance languages and includes more than 10,000 groups in 15 federations representing 10 countries.

CIFTA’s objective is to provide a network and to ease the exchange of opinions and information between its members. Where there is a need, it also co-ordinates international activity for its members. CIFTA plays an active role in the organisation of the “Mondial de Theatre” in Monaco every four years and organises the international festival on a set theme “Les Estivades” which takes place every three years in Marche en Famenne in Belgium.

Contact Information

President CIFTA

Philippe Garcia (
FNCD – Fédération Nationale des Compagnies Dramatiques
Rue de Flandre, 46,
1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 502 81 83
Web > FNCD

Representative on AITA/IATA Council

Cyril Walter (
Lieu-dit Le Rieucau
Tel: +33 (0) 6 12 51 11 60

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