CIFTA – Conseil International des Fédérations de Théâtre Amateur de culture latine


CIFTA – Conseil International des Fédérations de Théâtre Amateur de culture latine

Members at the 2017 General Assembly voted for no direct Regional Representation to Council. The CIFTA Regional Representative, Cyril Walter, ended his role on Council as the Regional Representative but continues as a Councillor until the 2019 General Assembly.

HERE is the CIFTA website.

CIFTA Members:

FNCD and UCW, Belgium; CETA, FGATC and Escenamateur, Spain; FNCTA, France; FITA, TAI and UILT Italy; FNTA Morocco; Le Studio, Monaco; FQTA Quebec (Canada); FSSTA and FFSI, Switzerland; and FTT, Tunisia.

Represents the following countries:
Algeria, Belgium (French region), Canada (Quebec), France, Italy, Monaco, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland (French and Italian speaking regions), Tunisia.

Founded in 1947, CIFTA is the regional committee of AITA/IATA asbl for the countries of the Romance languages and includes more than 10,000 groups in 15 federations representing 10 countries.

CIFTA’s objective is to provide a network and to ease the exchange of opinions and information between its members. Where there is a need, it also co-ordinates international activity for its members. CIFTA plays an active role in the organisation of the “Mondial de Theatre” in Monaco every four years and organises the international festival on a set theme “Les Estivades” which takes place every three years in Marche en Famenne in Belgium.

Contact Information

President CIFTA

Philippe Garcia (
FNCD – Fédération Nationale des Compagnies Dramatiques
Rue de Flandre, 46,
1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 502 81 83
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