Sep 032013

Eva Moore, Artistic Director / Producer of LITF seeks submissions to the 2014 Festival. For information LITF is not an Associate of aita/iata nor connected with aita/iata. Submissions are invited from throughout the world for the 12th biennial LITF, in Nova Scotia, Canada. Festival organizers provide home-stay accommodation and transportation to and from Halifax Stanfield [...]

Sep 032013
2015 International Festival, Congress and aita/iata General Assembly - announcement

At the 2013 Mondial du Théâtre, delegates approved the venue for the 2015 International Festival, Congress and General Assembly. The Festival will be in Westouter, Belgium (map) 7 – 12 July 2015. Delegates and groups will arrive on Monday 6 July and depart on Monday 13 July. The Congress and General Assembly will be in Ypres, [...]

Sep 022013
A new Honorary President for aita/iata: confirmed at the General Assembly Monaco 24 August 2013

Before concluding the work of its 31st World Congress, the General Assembly appointed the second French speaking honorary president of its history by adopting a proposal presented to the Council (see link below) by 198 votes to 2. The first French speaking Honorary President was Guy Brousse, a Monegasque citizen and founder of the World [...]

Aug 302013
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider keynote presentation to the aita/iata Congress 24 August 2013

Whilst the votes were being counted in Monaco, delegates listened with great attentiveness and interest to a the keynote presentation by Dr Wolfgang Schneider from the Universität Hildesheim. He followed this with a Q & A session when he responded to a wide range of questions from delegates. HERE is the Presentation, Mapping the Landscapes of [...]

Aug 302013
Mondial du Théâtre 2013 - brief report

The Mondial du Théâtre 2013 is over; the groups have gone home; the delegates have gone home; and the observers have gone home. In Monaco, the organisers and the volunteers are, we hope, relaxing and looking back on a wonderful, successful and friendly event. It was a privilege to see amateur theatre of many different [...]

Aug 162013
In memory of Ross Rowland and obituary

Message from President Merja Laaksovirta, on behalf of aita/iata. It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that our friend and longtime companion in theatre, Mr.Ross Rowland has fallen into the eternal sleep. He was a warm human being and a man of compassion with a great commitment to amateur theatre [...]

Jul 172013
aita/iata Congress discussion EFAT (European Forum of Amateur Theatre) 24 August 2013, afternoon

On the afternoon of 24 August in the Congress Hall, there will be a discussion between representatives of CEC, CIFTA and NEATA to discuss the possibilities of closer co-operation between the European members of aita/iata. The agenda for the session is available HERE Representatives from National Centres, Affiliates and Associates of these three Regions are [...]

Jul 142013
SANCTA (South Africa) 33rd One-Act Play Festival 8 - 13 July 2013

The South African National Community Theatre Association (SANCTA) 33rd Annual One – Act Play Festival has been held in Secunda, Mpumalanga, and  for the 4th year the festival will take place at The Johannes Stegman Theatre. Noel McDonald, from SANCTA, the aita/iata South Africa National Centre tell us that this has been the first time [...]

Jul 122013

The President of CEC, Josef Hollos asks that you visit the new CEC website to learn about what is happening in the CEC Region. The website can be found at:  CEC members will have received information from Karel Tomas about how you can add information to each country’s pages on the website. If you have [...]

Jul 122013
Monaco Congress - Interactive Forum "aita/iata 2025: Facing the Truth and Shaping the Future..." Sunday 25 August 2013

In her Convocation Letter of 3 May 2013, President Merja Laaksovirta referred to the Interactive Forum that would take place on 25 August 2013 as part of the aita/iata Congress. She said: “A discussion on the future direction and structure of aita/iata will be facilitated by Dirk De Corte who many of you will know. All [...]