Nov 192014
AITA/IATA asbl Electoral Process and Timetable for elections in July 2015

The deadline for the call for candidates for the AITA/IATA asbl posts of Vice President and English Speaking Secretary was 31 October 2014. The notice was sent out on 26 September 2014. At the meeting of the aita/iata Council in Peligros, Spain on 14 and 15 November, it was agreed that one valid nomination had [...]

Nov 162014
aita/iata Council meets in Peligros, Spain 14 & 15 November 2014

The aita/iata Council (EB and Regional Representatives) met in Peligros, Spain at the kind invitation of the aita/iata National Centre of Spain – CETA (Confederación Española de Teatro Amateur). While in Spain, Council were delighted to personally congratulate the new President of the Spanish National Centre, Sylvana Gross-Melzer and to thank outgoing President Jorge Crespi, aita/iata [...]

Nov 142014
20th aita/iata Drama in Education Conference 27 March - 1 April 2015

Sharing the World – Migration and Interculturality The 2015 Drama in Education Conference will take place, as usual in Retzhof Castle, Styria, Austria. The deadline for applications to be returned is 15 December 2014 The conference will aim to address current social issues caused by migration. In practical workshops, lectures and plenary sessions, specific issues [...]

Nov 112014
Klaipeda University, Lithuania: International Theatre Directing Course

In co-operation with aita/iata, the North European Amateur Theatre Alliance, NEATA and the Lithuanian Amateur Theatre Association LMTS, the Directing Department of Klaipeda University (Lithuania) offers an annual International Theatre Directing Course at the University from 1 September to 1 May. The course staff will from the Directing Department and famous artistic directors of Lithuania. [...]

Oct 202014
aita/iata Region ARC: meet in Singapore, October 2014

aita/iata President Elect Rob Van Genechten attended an ARC meeting in Singapore in October 2014. Rob discussed the aita/iata proposals for Renewal, listened to their local reports and their ideas on the use of new media which he will discuss at the aita/iata Council meeting in Peligros, Spain in mid-November.

Oct 082014
aita/iata ARTS November 2014

The November 2014 edition of aita/iata ARTS can be read HERE. Articles are: Canada begins rebuilding artistic networks with Theatre Ontario International recognition for Germany’s Studio-Buehne Essen A USA model amateur theatre in Midland, Texas, USA Italy’s “Il Gerione” festival celebrates national theatre each year Alla Zorina and Russian amateur theatre Secretariat aita/iata

Oct 082014
Culture Action Europe Newsletter September-October 2014

The link to the latest Newsletter (Oct 14) is HERE. It is in French and English and can be translated into any language. Don’t forget the October conference (9 – 11) in Newcastle, England. Read about how Culture Action Europe reacts to Mr. Juncker’s proposal for the new Commission. Partners News is HERE. Secretariat aita/iata

Oct 082014
7th International Theatre Festival of Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Canada, 10 - 16 September 2015

aita/iata Associate Double Défi, of Quebec, Canada announce the 7th Festival to be held in Mont-Laurier. They invite 25 companies from different countries to attend. They are interested in all types of theatre in all languages, traditional, musical or silent plays. Amateurs and professionals companies are welcomed. The deadline for applications forms to be submitted [...]