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The Dunkel Folk at NEATA Festival

Information about events listed below with an * next to the date are posted on this website.

Dear Friends / Colleagues,

With pleasure I send you an update of the International Amateur Theatre Activities. Not only participating is a useful and great experience, visiting a festival as a spectator is as well!

Kind regards,
Joke Elbers

Updated 11 December 2017

Events in 2018

28 Jan – 8 February, India. 18th Global Children & Youth Drama Festival, international groups welcome. www.theatremovement.com, email contact-icyddf@gmail.com 

28 Feb – 4 March, Fomento, Cuba. Cuban Festival with International participation from S America.

4 – 9 March, International Candle Festival (Bejaya) Algeria, CIFTA Festival.  Email Mohammed Benjeddi benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

19 – 25 March,  Friedrichshafen, Germany: 34th Theatertage am See / International Theatre Days at the Lake. Contact: www.theatertageamsee.de Email: auffuehrungen@theatertageamsee.de

27 – 30 March, International Festival of Experimentalist Theatre, Eulma, Algeria. CIFTA Festival. Email Mohammed Benjeddi benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

31 March – 7 April, International GAFSA Festival, Tunisia. CIFTA Festival. Email Mohammed Benjeddi benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

6 – 10 April, 5th International Berkane Festival, Morocco. CIFTA Festival. Email Mohammed Benjeddi benfntamaa@yahoo.frEmail Mohammed Benjeddi benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

7 – 11 April, 1st Meknes International Theatre Festival, Morocco. CIFTA Festival. Email Mohammed Benjeddi benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

*18 – 21 April, 2nd Festival International de Théâtre et des Arts de la Scène (FITAS), Agadir, Morocco. (HERE on this website). Application Form HERE.  Email: Hamza.sba3i@gmail.com / benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

*18 – 23 April,  5th APOLLO International Youth Theatre Festival 19–23 April 2018, Alba Iulia, Romania. Email: teatruskepsis@yahoo.com (see HERE for more information)

9 – 13 May, Donzdorf, Germany. 10th International Theater Festival, Donzdorf, Germany. International groups of up to 10 people welcome. Contact  raffi.wohlfahrt@hotmail.de by Friday 1 September 2017. (HERE on this website)

*10 – 13 May, Little Melpomene, Plunge, Lithuania 11th International Children & Youth Theater Festival. Invite 5 overseas groups of up to 12 actors aged 14 – 20 + two leaders. Email romas.matulis@gmail.com  Tel: +370 687 30484. Facebook

10 – 14 May, International Festival of Oujda, Morocco. CIFTA Festival Email: benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

23 – 30 May, Mashhad, Iran. 1st International Solo Puppet Theatre Festival JIGI JIGI simorghtheatergroup@gmail.com / www.artsimorgh.com

26 – 29 May, 2nd Kathmandu international Children’s theatre festival hosted by Aksharaa School, Kathmandu, Nepal. Email: artisttanka@gmail.com / schooltheatrenepal@gmail.com. Web: www.aksharaaschool.edu.np

6 – 9 June, Lomza, Poland: 31st International Theatrical Festival VALISE. Deadline for applications 31 Jan 2018. www.teatrlomza.hi.pl; e-mail: teatrlomza@hi.pl

6 – 10 June, Brixen/Bressanone, Sued-Tirol, Italy:  SAPPERLOT  International Meeting of Youth Theatre organized by TPZ Brixen (HERE on this site). 12 groups, performances of max. 60 minutes,  age 14 – 20 years, workshops, street activities, colloquies. tpz-brixen@hotmail.com

18 – 24 June, Venice Florida, USA. aactWorldFest 2018. www.aact.org/aactworldfest

*22 – 29 June, Lingen, Germany. 15th AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children’s Theatre, theme Children Move the World. Applications may be submitted until October 2017. For more information contact – kontakt@weltkindertheaterfest.de

27 – 30 June, Kremsmuenster, Austria: 3rd Internationales Jugendtheater Festival, ages 16 – 25, preferably performances with little text. Email: b.paumann@gmx.at

19 – 22 July, Vratsa, Bulgaria: 5th International Ancient Cultures Festival TODORKA’S SUN, historical themed performances, outdoor stage historical reconstructions can take part. Email: baat1@abv.bg

20 July – 15 August, Kolasin, Montenegro: 5th International Festival of Alternative Theatre  KORIFEJ  with performances, street art, indoor & outdoor happenings, alternative & classical theatre events, genres, workshops, approaches. www.facebook.com/korifejkolasin   kolasinskopozoriste@gmail.com

27 July – 3 August,  Tournon sur Rhone and Tain l’Hermitage, France:  Festival Shakespeare 2018 ages 16 – 30 years, theatre, dance, music, indoors, outdoors, in the street   THEME: around Shakespeare’s world festivalshakespeare@outlook.fr     theatre.sycomore@gmail.fr   deadline 22 January 2018.

30 July – 5 August, 10th Official NEATA Festival “Baltic Flight” Anykschiai, Lithuania 30 July – 5 August 2018. Once amateur group from each NEATA Country and one from CEC and CIFTA. Email: teatrasatzalynas@gmail.com Information HERE (HERE on this website)

3 – 10 August (provisional dates), Les Estivades International Festival. CIFTA Festival in Marche-En-Famenne – Belgium. Email: pierre.villers@ulg.ac.be. Web:  www.estivades.cifta.org

*5 – 12 August, II International Theatre Festival for Interculturality, Juan Guerra, Peru, 5 – 12 August 2018. Email cuerposyalmaoficial@gmail.com (HERE on this website)

20 – 30 August, Tsarevo, Bulgaria: 10th Jubilee Festival PRIESTS OF THE MUSES International Youth Festival of Arts street theatre and outdoor performances can take part. Email baat1@abv.bg

27 August – 2 September, Goleniow, Poland: 20th International Amateur and Alternative Theatre Festival BRAMAT, organised by Teatr Brama teatrbrama@gmail.com / www.teatrbrama.org/english/bramat

*20 – 23 September, Rezekne, Latvia 10th International Theatre Festival “Step by Step”. Email: soli.pa.solim2018@gmail.com (HERE on this website)

*5 – 12 October, Bethlehem, Palestine. Festival for those aged over 16 years of age for productions 40 – 60 mins. Deadline is 30 November 2017 (Information on this website HERE). rkhader@diyar.ps


*16 – 19 May, 1st European Festival of  Senior Theatre stAGE! to be held in Esslingen, S Germany. Deadline for applications is 15 July 2018. Email: straube@bdat.info, Web: www.bdat.info (HERE on this website)

Joke Elbers, Netherlands

  21 Responses to “Festival List”

  1. Dear Sir,
    Our folk group want to participate in your festival. can you give us details address.

    • Dear Sam
      There are many festivals listed above – please contact directly the organisers of the festival in which you are interested.
      Secretariat AITA/AITA asbl

  2. Dear Sir, Ma’am

    We have one Theater group called Khwapkimi Art Group from Nepal. we do regularly performance in Nepal, India, German and Austria. we would like to take part in your theater festival if there is any chance please let mem know about it or if you need any more information please contact me.



    • Dear Brihasman Sunuwar
      Thank you for this and your earlier comment.
      As you can see from the list above there are many theatre festivals and you give no indication at all of which one you refer to.
      Please contact the organiser of the festival in which you are interested, directly. Only the organiser can let you have information about the festival.
      As you already perform internationally, and if you are an amatuer theatre group (those who receive no pay for performing) perhaps you would be interested in joining AITA/IATA as an Associate? The annual subscription for a group from Nepal would only be Euro 10 and we would be delighted if you joined us.
      For more information and the Associate Application Form, go to THIS page on this website.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  3. Dear Sir, Ma’am

    We have one Theater group called Khwapkimi Art Group from Nepal. we do regularly performance in Nepal, India, German and Austria. we would like to take part in your theater festival if there is any chance please let mem know about it or if you need any more information please contact me.
    Program link
    Drama Bakash
    Dance of Maruni
    Kirata sunuwar Dance

  4. Dear sir….. i am participate in drama festival.
    Written by satish alekar and desgin by kailas pupulwad

    • Dear Kailas Pupulwad
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Please contact the organsier of the festival you are interested in – all contact details are listed above.
      Secretariat AITA/AITA

  5. Dear Sir,

    We are glad to hear you, we also want to join this festival, Please consider us, we are from Uganda – East Africa- Africa. We are a serious School. Am the Patron/Head of the Group. Would you please send us the details.

    We shall be so glad if you have considered our request.

    +256 703 290413
    +256 777 195774

    • Dear Walter
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      I assume that you refer to one of the many festivals listed above, but which one? Please contact the festival organisers direct with your questions.
      Secretariat AITA/AITA asbl

  6. Dear Sir,
    Our folk Theatre group want to participate in your festival.Kindly give us correspondence address.
    Rohit Mathur

    • Dear Rohit Mathur
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Please contact the organisers of any festival you are interested to attend in the above list. Each festival is unique with different entry requirements and deadlines.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  7. hello i have a question, if my group can register in events now ?

    • Dear George
      Any amauter theater company can apply to take part in a festival listed above. Please contact the organisers of any event you are interested in for more details.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA

  8. Hi!

    I want to ask you. Do you have any information about amateur theater festivals in Japan?
    Thank you in advance for your reply

    • Dear Yuriy
      Thank you for your enquiry. May I suggest that you contact the AITA/IATA National Centre in Japan – see HERE on this website for more information. Or contact Associates – see HERE. I know that Associate Ashibue host a festival in September.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  9. Thanks a lot for that festival calender; hopefully we can get some talented groups to one of the events. Greetings D.H.

    • Dear Dagmar
      Do contact any of the festival organisers for any information about taking your group to a festival. Organisers are always very helpful.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  10. We want to participate in drama completion. We performed a tribal play in different stage and different look. It is very much apriciated . it is a different type drama

    • Dear Deepak ku Rout
      Thank you for your Comment
      You need to contact the organisers of any festival listed above in which you are would like to take part. Each festival is different with different themes and arrangements. It is usual, however, that you need to find the funds to travel to the country of the festival but the festival organisers will meet you at the nearest airport and take you to the festival venue and host you.
      Good luck!
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  11. Dear,

    Greetings from Taraqee for Social Change, Lahore – Pakistan
    I would like to bring it in your kin notice that I am the Director of Taraqee for Social Change, Taraqee for Social Change is a non government, non political and non profit theatrical organization. working since last 7 years.
    We wish to enter our group in your festival, please send us the details (terms and conduitions) of your festival


    Zahid Rehman
    Taraqee for Social Change,
    Lahore – Pakistan
    o300 – 7371593

    • Dear Zahid Rehman
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      There are many festivals listed above, I don’t know to which festival you refer. To take part in a festival you need to contact the organisers of the festival for information about the terms and conditions and possible festival theme and age limits of the performers (if any).
      Your theatre group sounds like it might have the appropriate criteria for becoming an Associate of AITA/IATA asbl – that is the performers do not receive payment for their performance. If you are interested in joining as an Associate – the annual subscription for a group from Pakistan is Euro 10 – then please see the Associate Application Form HERE on this website.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

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