Aug 052009

Culture & Education Fund

The Culture & Education Fund is available to offer support to events or projects. Applications for grants of up to €2,500 can be made to AITA/IATA asbl. In a calendar year, AITA/IATA asbl will allocate grants of up to €5,000.  If you wish to apply for a grant from the Fund, please read the criteria below and contact the Secretariat.

Principal criteria

1. The principal criteria which must apply for applications to the Culture and Education Fund are as follows:

a) Applications must demonstrate strong international elements of education and theatre

b) Priority for funding will be given to AITA/IATA asbl members (an exception may be made for a country where there is no National Centre or Affiliate Member)

c) Projects must be related to official AITA/IATA asbl events or have a strong connection with AITA/IATA asbl Continue reading »