Jan 262017

Cover picture from FAcebookAITA/AITA asbl is delighted to welcome a second Associate from Peru. The organisation is called Cuerpos y Alma who are based in Lima, Peru.

They have a Facebook page HERE and in 2016 they performed at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival held in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada with their production of De La Cocha al Ma. Continue reading »

Jan 122017

AITA/IATA Welcomes a new Associate La Caja Negra from the town of Sibaté in Colombia. Our first contact with a group from this country in the very North of South America for a number of years.

They performed at the 2016 World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, Ontario, Canada where they all had a great time. Continue reading »

Oct 242016

AITA/AITA asbl is delighted to welcome the first Associate from Kosovo – Mitrix Culture. The group took part in the Youth on Stage festival run by Jonna Theatre School and their Director Mirsad Ferati initially asked CEC about becoming part of their organisation.

An Associate in the countries that form the CEC Region is automatically part of that Region once they join AITA/IATA asbl and so they are welcomed to both CEC and AITA/IATA asbl.

Mitrix Culture have a Facebook page HERE and we look forward to hearing more about their work in the future.

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl.

Sep 292016
Toyama Festial 5

AITA/AITA asbl is delighted to welcome the first Associate to join from Viet Nam. It is the Lê Ngoc Theatre Troupe based in  Ha Noi, Vietnam.

They were founded by a National Artist and this year took part in the Toyama Performing Arts Festival. The group is for young graduates, translators, drivers, students and aims to popularise drama.

The leader of the group has a Facebook page Continue reading »

Sep 262016

AITA/IATA asbl is delighted to welcome a new Associate from South Africa – Artscape. They are based in the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

The organisation sent a youth group to take part in the AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children’s Theatre (WFCT) in Stratford Ontario in June 2016 Continue reading »

Sep 132016

We are delighted to welcome a new Associate from Canada – Smile-Group Canada – who have international experience, having performed at the Sapperlot Festival this year. It is their artistic director Sasha Sinay who initiated the contact with AITA/AITA asbl.

The group’s latest production is the Bubble Show which appears to involve juggling Continue reading »

Aug 282016

We are delighted to welcome a new Associate from Portugal, AJIDANHA - Associação De Juventude De Idanha-A-Nova.

They have an excellent and informative website HERE with a great blog HERE There are some great pictures of their past festivals and productions. Continue reading »