Jan 222018

Alla Zorina, from AITA/AITA Russia National Centre and President of CEC and Janos Regos, from AITA/IATA Hungary National Centre and CEC Artistic Co-ordinator, invite applications from the CEC Region to take part in a project currently called Playing One Play.

The project revolves around Chekhov’s one-act play The Festivities Continue reading »

Jan 022018

AITA/IATA Associate Tanka Chaulagain, Artistic Director of Aksharaa School, Kathmandu, writes to invite groups of up to 10 people to bring productions of between 30 and 60 minutes to take part in this festival.

The theme is “Children are Movers” and organisers ask that at least one person from the group can communicate in English. Continue reading »

Dec 202017

stAGE! imageThe German National Centre, BDAT announce the 1st European Festival of Senior Citizen’s Theatre stAGE! to be held in Esslingen in S Germany. They seek eight productions of Senior Citizen’s Theatre which exemplify theatre work in their home countries.

They welcome groups with members of different generations as well as groups with physical or mental disabilities. Continue reading »

Dec 052017

Rezekne LogoMãra Zalaiskalns from Rezekne Theatre writes about the 10th International Theatre Festival “Step by Step” held in Rezekne, Latvia 20 – 23 September 2018.

The festival offers an opportunity to see various performances of different genres and forms. Discussions are organized after every show Continue reading »

Nov 152017

ESCENAMATEUR organizes the 5th edition of the Amateur Theatre ESCENAMATEUR – Juan Mayorga Prize 2017. Among all the prizes, will be awarded the International Prize from the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) to the best international show. ESCENAMATEUR would like to receive a large number of proposals Continue reading »

Nov 152017

On the 11th July we posted news HERE about the Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival 5-12 October 2018. The organiser Rami Khader has been overwhelmed by the number, and quality, of applications received over the past three months.

They have decided to extend the deadline for applications from 30 November to 31 December 2017 to spread give groups a little more time and breathing space to get their applications in.

So don’t delay. get your application in.

There is more information HERE and a slide show with information is HERE and you can get in touch with the organiser Rami Khader of Diyar Theatre

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