Categories and Fees AITA/IATA asbl


Membership Categories, Fees and Subscriptions


Any institution, festival, drama group or individual in any country can become an AITA/IATA Associate. Associates are not members and do not have any voting rights at the biannual General Assembly but they can attend and speak. They also have an access to festivals and events organised by AITA/IATA asbl and receive information from the Secretariat.

The annual Subscription for Associates is as follows:

  • Associate in HDI Category 1 (Very High) Country    € 50
  • Associate in HDI Category 2 (High) Country    € 50
  • Associate in HDI Category 3 (Medium) Country    € 50
  • Associate in HDI Category 4 (Low) Country    € 10

Associate Application Form

Associates are registered by AITA/IATA asbl Council.

National Centres

National Centres are organisations that network with amateur theatre organisations throughout their country or autonomous territory. They communicate and co-ordinate information from AITA/IATA asbl to these organisations. National Centres have 6 votes at General Assembly.

The annual Membership Fee for Members is as follows:

  • Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 1 (Very High) Country    € 350
  • Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 2 (High) Country    € 250
  • Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 3 (Medium) Country    € 150
  • Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 4 (Low) Country    € 25

Member Application Form

To become a National Centre of its country, an organisation first has to be approved by Council and then ratified at the next General Assembly.

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl


  9 Responses to “Categories and Fees AITA/IATA asbl”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    my organization want to get registered as associate Member in Aita/iata. KIndly send me the application form , required detail and also where we will have to deposit the registration fees!
    Aamir Nawaz
    Maas Foundation Pakistan

    • Dear Aamir Nawaz

      Thank you for your enquiry. You will see on this page at the link above (in red text) the application form to become an Associate of aita/iata. Pakistan is in Category 3 and so your annual subscription to aita/iata would be €10. If you complete the form and send it to me at I can let you have details of payment by PayPal which has just been set up.

      aita/iata has no National Centre or Associates in Pakistan, so we would warmly welcome you into our organisation on receipt of your annual fee.

      Secretariat aita/iata

  2. This chief and I like to express my admiration severe, and like to be an active member with you, and I would like to introduce myself, I am a theater director Egypt (Khalil tamam) Director of the Task Force Drama Teatro theatrical in Cairo has got winner Awards numerous have already and you represent Egypt in many international festivals
     .. And including splash International Festival of Sudan and the Euro-Mediterranean Festival International Festival in Tunisia and theater professional in Algeria,
    I am a certified director Egyptian Ministry of Culture and a member of the Fine professions representative and a certified radio and television

    • Dear Kahalil Tanan Alo

      Many thanks for your comments. As you can see from the information on the page ‘about us’ we are an organisation for amateur theatre, that is for those who take part in theatre for the love of it, nor for payment.

      From what you say about your organisation I think it is for professional theatre practitioners. If I am wrong and you are an organisation for amateur theatre, do please get in touch again.

      Secretariat aita/iata

  3. Hello..
    I have an amateur drama group in Assam, India and we have performed at national level. Here youth have a vision and attraction more towards movies and tv seriels and thats why few gets into doing drama. My aim is to make doing drama aa glamorous as movies and thats why i want my group to go international. Luckily came across this wonderful forum and would like u to guide me into how me or my group can become the member of AITA/IATA and would like to be in direct touch.

    • Dear Niloy Gupta

      Many thanks for your interest and enquiry. We would very much like you to join aita/iata as an Associate. This would enable you to apply to perform in aita/iata Festivals such as the Children’s Theatre Festival to be held in 2014 in Lingen Germany and in 2016 in Stratford Ontario (see HERE).

      I will email you separately with more information.

      Secretariat at aita/iata

  4. Zimbabwe would like to revive the AITA/IATA Zimbabwe centre and we are very keen to be considered as soon as possible .Please get in touch with me I am the newly appointed Administrator for the Zimbabwe office. My mobile number is +263 772 329137 and Zimbabwe has finally managed to revive its theatre and cultural programmes after a long break due to economic and political environment. We remind the new Board that Our country used to be one of the best model for African centres. Please consider our proposal as a matter urgency and I will be glad to update the new executive committee which comprise of all senior and familiar team

    • Dear Washington Masenda

      Thank you for getting into contact: it is very exciting news that Zimbabwe wishes to revive its theatre and cultural programme.

      Do you wish to join as an Affiliate Member, in preparation for becoming the National Centre of Zimbabwe? Or do you wish to join as an Associate? I will email you separately on the matter to explore this issue further.