Jan 222018

Alla Zorina, from AITA/AITA Russia National Centre and President of CEC and Janos Regos, from AITA/IATA Hungary National Centre and CEC Artistic Co-ordinator, invite applications from the CEC Region to take part in a project currently called Playing One Play.

The project revolves around Chekhov’s one-act play The Festivities and applications are invited by 15 February 2018. It is hoped that the first part of the project will be realised in November 2018 with later events in 2019.

Information on the CEC website HERE and HERE

Application Form is HERE (PDF) and HERE (Word)

For more information contact:

Alla Zorina on alla_zorina@mail.ru or alzor25@yandex.ru

Secretariat AITA/AITA asbl

  2 Responses to “CEC: Playing One Play – Project from Russia National Centre”

  1. I am Ahmad Arjmandi. I am a physical disability. I am from Iran.
    I am a true and independent person and I want to participate in your festival. The name of the play is “Afra” by Bahram Beyzaee, which has 10 characters in the play, but I worked with a female actress. What to do at the festival?

    • Dear Ahmad Arjmandi
      Thank you for your email.
      The event is only for existing AITA/IATA Members of the CEC which is the Central European Region of AITA/AITA. For a list of these countries see HERE. As Iran is not a Member of AITA/AITA nor is in the CEC Region, then I this is not a festival to which you can apply.
      But if your company is for amauter actors (those who are not paid for performing) then why not consider joining AITA/IATA. More information on THIS page.

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