Sep 112017

Sopron LogoA final reminder about the Progress Sopron Festival taking place later this month in Sopron, Hungary.  Sopron is in NW Hungary close to the Austrian border. Progress Sopron is Hungary’s most important International Amateur Theatre Festival. Six international groups have been invited to join six Hungarian groups. The Facebook site is HERE with details of the groups performing. Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  One Response to “Progress Sopron: International Theatre Festival, Sopron, Hungary 20 – 23 September 2017”

  1. The International Festival “Progress 2017 Sopron – HUNGARY” is over.
    Those who are interested in, please find short videos (details from the performances, interviews, etc.): day:
    2nd day:
    3rd day: (GRAND PRIX: Don Q – Germany):
    4th day:

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