Sep 182017

Logo Bellas ArtesAITA/AITA is delighted to welcome a second Associate from Colombia, S America: they are the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes.

We were approached by Juan Camilo Márquez, Coordinador Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales e Interinstitucionales, about joining the AITA/IATA network.

He explained that Bellas Artes is a University Institution in Santiago de cali, Colombia, oriented to Art and Culture, and is a Performing Arts Institution. Within their academic programs they have a degree in Performing Arts and want to be part of a the AITA/IATA international network to help them strengthen their program.

They have a website HERE, Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

We look forward to learning more about their work.

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

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