Aug 272017

Logo aita 150The 33rd AITA/IATA asbl General Assembly was held 25 and 26 August 2017 during the 60th Anniversary of the Mondial du Théâtre, Monaco.

Delegates spent two days discussing the proposed changes both in a Forum led by Dirk De Corte, former Treasurer of AITA/IATA asbl, and in Regional Meetings. As a result of these discussions, the draft Constitution was amended prior to a vote.

Forty-one countries were represented by 78 delegates who voted on introducing the proposed new Constitution. Voting on the changes was taken in Blocks to facilitate understanding.

Voting resulted in:

  • Future Presidents to take office immediately upon election
  • Council reduced to eight members plus a President
  • No direct Regional Representation to Council
  • The existing Membership Structure to remain

Council’s wish to open up the organisation; to democratise the Association by giving Associates a vote; and to introduce a third membership category alongside Associates and National Centres allowing any kind of network to join the Association, was narrowly defeated.

Council Members, Beatrice Cellario, Josef Hollos, Kathleen Maldonado, Mary Pears and Izumi Yoshida all retired and received a standing ovation from delegates in recognition for the valuable work they had carried out on behalf of AITA/IATA asbl.

Former Treasurer Villy Dall was elected for a second term as a Councillor, along with newbies Christel Gbaguidi, Harald Volker Sommer and Pierre Cellario. Council looks forward to working with them.

Secretariat AITA/AITA asbl

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