Jul 212017

CTE LogoTwo of AITA/IATA’s newest Associates – Piano Theatre, Russia and Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre, Canada – will come together in September with Solo Theatre, USA for an international Encounter.

The programme is Children’s Theatre Exchange (CTE) which aims to: provide an opportunity for children who participate in theatre groups of various cities to find friends with similar interests; exchange and share their theatre experience; broaden perception of the theatre world; learn to engage into open discussions about each other’s work skilfully and professionally; and find joy in collective creation with new people.

During the September event, children will gather around a bonfire to meet and to start to create new piece of theatre. They will also discover Ottawa through theatrical games leading them into the series of workshops and finally to create a new theatrical piece called Metamorphosis presented to the Ottawa public on September 16th, together with Wings for Clowns by Piano Theatre.

CTE Facebook page is HERE and the guidelines for the organisation are HERE.

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