Jun 262017

ASTA MASK Festival 2017Associate ASTA from Georgia announce their 2017 Festival THE MASK 2017 and seek international groups to take part.

The exact date in December is not yet finalised but, as usual, it will be held in the first week of December. The festival has no theme but productions can be in any genre and last no longer than 40 minutes.

ASTA will host up to 10 people in each group and the festival is for students, not school groups. Groups will need to get to Tbilisi International Airport and groups will be met and taken to the University.

The international and local groups that have been selected will be announced in the Autumn.

The Facebook site of the 2016 ASTA Festival is HERE

For more information contact Sopio : astafestival@yahoo.com 

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  2 Responses to “THE MASK 2017: International Student Festival, Georgia, December 2017”

  1. Dear sir with humble request that we have a cultural group performed Dance Music and Theatre. We are interested in your upcoming festival.
    So, please accept our request.


    Academy of Performing Arts Thoubal Manipur
    cultural group

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