Jun 192017

Ing. Helena MatouskovaAITA/IATA has learned the sad news of the death of Mrs Ing. Helena Matouskova aged 88 on 14 June 2017.

She was President of AITA/AITA from 1979 – 1983. Her son, Ing Lubor Matousek wrote to AITA/IATA on behalf of the family.

If you would like to contact Ing. Lubor Matousek to pass on your condolences to the family, please get in touch with the Secretariat.

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  One Response to “In memory of Mrs. Ing. Helena Matouskova, President of AITA/IATA 1979 – 1983”

  1. To the Family of Mrs. Helena Matouskova

    I would like to express my sadness when I heard that Mrs. Matouskova has passed away.
    I had an honour to meet and spend one evening with Helena in Monaco years ago; she was charming and warm and told me her story. The memorable evening with an unforgetable lady!

    Yours sincerely,

    Merja Laaksovirta

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