Apr 242017

The 2017 Drama in Education Congress is over and Dagmar Hoefferer-Brunthaler, Chair of IDEA, Austria reports on a highly successful event. Make a note of the next one - 12-17 April 2019.

Austria _ Drama in Education Congress 2017- made by Leo Berger

Challenging situations in and outside pedagogical environments seems to be more and more normal. It might be a challenging way of teaching an issue, a challenge in complex learning or challenging controversies and discussions. Challenges in our society are increasing rapidly! But don’t say you have no choice! Even in the worst case you have a minimum of two ways to react: to play dead or to escape. Very often you have a third way: continue to struggle. You often don’t know what could be the right way before you have tried it.

Drama and Theatre has even more choices … drama can lead you to try out real-life solutions, can handle processes intellectually, emotionally and physically. Its main goal is to make it easier for you to become active! To choose “the right thing” a little bit more precisely. Hopefully!

That’s why “Drama/Theatre in Education“ can afford to surprise teachers by putting them into action – to make them feel what their students might feel. To make them think about “the right things”, which do not really exist. That is always the aim of the Drama/Theater in Education Congress.

This year it was challenging even in to organise matters. But interest by teachers / drama teachers / people working in educational settings / artistic pedagogues was overwhelming. More than 60 people joined the four workshops, had fun in exchanging experiences and methods, were fascinated by the accompanying program (e.g. get a taste of outstanding impro) and discussed in an ambitious way the key-notes.

The 21st congress was organized by a new team from IDEA Austria and by partner and AITA/IATA Austrian National Centre OEBV Theatre. Some AITA/IATA officials were guests. The workshops were challenging and they made us think about changes in aspects including teaching and learning, and even in behaviour. We got good feedback and the atmosphere was great.

What more can we wish for than to find a way to continue the Drama/Theatre in Education Congress.

I hope to see you here 12-17 April 2019!

Secretariat AITA/AITA asbl

  3 Responses to “21st Drama in Education Congress 7–12 April 2017, Austria: Report & Pictures”

  1. I hope this workshop on Theatre education is most important to us. Make sure to present in the next 2019 Event.

    • Dear Akoijam Ramananda Meitei
      Thank you for your comment which I will pass to the Drama in Education Workshop organisers.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  2. It was a great event with heartful people and great experiences! Ì´m looking forward to 2019 with a lot of charm and no shame :-)

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