Apr 032017

Mondial MasksThe President of AITA/IATA asbl asks all Delegates and Observers who wish to attend the AITA/IATA General Assembly on 25 and 26 August and the Mondial du Theatre 21 – 30 August 2017 to complete the Registration Form.

The deadline by when the Form must be completed and returned is 30 April 2017. Each participant must complete a separate Form and the Form must be returned to BOTH mondialdutheatre@monte-carlo.mc AND secretariat@aitaiata.org

The Registration Form is HERE.

The Form will be sent to all National Centres, Affiliates and Associates. Please note the information on Page 2 of the Form and the information about accommodation on Page 3.

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

  2 Responses to “16th Mondial du Theatre, Monaco 21 – 30 August 2017, General Assembly Registration Form”

  1. I’m writing you from Tbilisi,Georgia. Here we have theatre-studio “Et Cetera” >> https://www.facebook.com/teatrstudiaetcetera
    Our studio has a big experience in participating in different festivals This time we would like to take part in you Festival. We have few questions regarding this event:
    1. Do you have an age restrictions?
    2. Is it free to take participation in your Festival or we should pay some fees?
    3. The hotel which we are interested in is Hotel “De France”
    4. Is it possible to take parents with us in the hotel?
    5. For participating in the festival should we pass some competition?
    6. Our group consists of 25-30 person, which means that there are 10-15 children and we are interested if the Hotel “De France” has enough place for this group and if parents will be charged by other price for rooms? Or the price is same?
    7. The price which you have on your website is per person? Or per room which is per 2 or 3 person?
    8. The price per room includes only breakfast or three meals a day?
    9. Beside those expanses is it free for example transfer to hotel or membership for festival? Should we pay for that also? If so, then how much will it cost for us?
    10. Can we also participate in Red and White Party? Is it free?
    11. For how many nights we can stay there minimum and maximum?
    12. How many performances we will have? How often and for how long?
    13. And last question – all those things are free for the organizer? Or how many person should we be to get everything for free?

    • Dear Meko Iashvili
      Thank you for your comments: we have now communicated by email.
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

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