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Deadline to submit your application to take part in the World Festival of Children’s Theatre is 1 November 2017.

Logo_WKT2018_TPZLingen SMALLThe organisers of the AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children’s Theatre have published full information and an Application Form.

The festival dates are 22 – 29 June 2018 and the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre will have the motto:

“Children Move the World”

The Festival will be hosted by the Center of Theatre Education Lingen (Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum der Emsländischen Landschaft e.V.) on behalf of AITA/IATA and with the support of the City of Lingen. All the important information is in the Announcement HERE (German, French, English, Spanish).

Project Manager Vera G Bruns says that the application phase for children’s theatre groups starts now and will be open until 1 November 2017. She asks:

  • Do you find the World Festival of Children’s Theatre an exciting event?
  • Do you work with children’s groups in the areas of theatre, dance, or movement theatre?
  • Do you have a production, you’d like to show?

Apply now! We are looking forward to your application! The Application Form is HERE.

Once the deadline of 1 November 2017 is reached, an international jury of experts in children’s theatre will choose which groups to invite.

The organisers want to celebrate a 2018 World Festival of Children’s Theatre which enables adults and children to have: international encounters; the opportunity of theatre work with refugees; a festival which revels in diversity; and through the theatre play of children allows us glimpses into their world. So let’s move it!

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl


  2 Responses to “15th AITA/IATA World Festival of Children’s Theatre, Lingen Germany 22 – 29 June 2018”

  1. Dearest AITA/IATA

    The letter of the Festival has been arrived Makassar South Sulawesi-Indonesia at 17th January 2017 and its on progress soon will be send or register to be as participant of the festival 2018.
    Thank a lot for invited

    Best regarding,


    • Dear Talas Foundation
      Thank you for your comment.
      I am aware that we were first in communication in November 2013 but your organisation has not yet joined AITA/IATA asbl as an Associate. The Lingen Festival is an AITA/IATA asbl Children’s Festival and the festival’s joint committee will give preference to groups that are Associates or Members of AITA/AITA asbl.
      If do wish to consider becoming an Associate do get in touch with the Secretariat at
      Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl

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