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World Children's 2014 Logo thumbnailOur Stories, Our Planet, a Global Invitation

Please send us your stories!

As part of the 2016 AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children’s Theatre, PLAY! A Symposium wants to give children aged 7 – 15 worldwide, a way to be seen, to contribute, to add their voices–regardless of distance.

Here’s how we hope to do that! A group of 19 children and teens from Centre Stage Theatre School in Burlington, Ontario, have prepared and videoed their own invitation based on the theme “Our Stories, Our Planet.”

In their invitation, a group of young people learn that our stories bring us together and teach valuable lessons when they encounter a child from the year 2066 whose stories have been lost. She shows them a story book that contains only blank pages and asks them to help fill the book. They record three stories for her:

(a) Back in Time: a time-travel story of preventing the pollution in our past;
(b) The Legend of the Sad Cloud: a story about respecting one another;
(c) Automate: a story of over-automation leading to depleted resources.

However, the young people come to the realization that now and in the future our understanding is incomplete without stories from all over the world. Led by Future Child, they ask children from around the globe to help fill the video book by recording and sending in their stories so that the children of the world may share their understandings and learn from one another.

Please take a look at their invitation HERE:

If you work with a group of children or teens between the ages of seven and fifteen, please send us a video of your stories – either traditional or original – of approximately 3 minutes duration, using whatever drama conventions you choose. You can send us these stories, which will work best in high definition video format, in any of the following ways:

(a) Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube and send us a link. Our email address is

  • When using Vimeo, please make sure that your privacy settings are set to enable the video to be downloaded.
  • When using YouTube, please make sure that the video is set to “public”, not “private”.

(b) Send the video as a compressed attachment via Gmail or via your email account to

Please include the story title at the beginning of the video in the following format: Story Title, Name of Group, Geographic location, and year. Please provide a credit roll at the end with the participants’ names.

When you send us the video, please indicate that you have obtained parental/guardian permission to use the images of the participating children according to the laws of your country.

We will post the video on our YouTube channel as soon as we receive it, right up to the date of the Symposium next June. However, if you would like your video to be featured on the large screen at PLAY! A Symposium from 10 – 12 June 2016, please send us your videos by 1 April 2016.

We hope to hear from you soon, and to come to know you through the stories that you tell!

Secretariat AITA/IATA asbl


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