Sep 032013

Spots Op 2015At the 2013 Mondial du Théâtre, delegates approved the venue for the 2015 International Festival, Congress and General Assembly.

The Festival will be in Westouter, Belgium (map) 7 – 12 July 2015. Delegates and groups will arrive on Monday 6 July and depart on Monday 13 July.

The Congress and General Assembly will be in Ypres, Belgium (map) 8 – 9 July 2015

 Video introducing the Spots op West Festival from Yves Leterne, joint secretary general of the Festival.

 Video introducing the town of Westouter and its surroundings showing possible venues for the Festival.

Website for the Spots op West Festival.

More information to follow.

Secretariat aita/iata

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  1. Dear Jacques, congratulations on your new position. I and Sancta were so sorry not to be at the Festival. Keep well and in touch, regards
    Noel Mc Donald
    South Africa

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