Jul 122013

The President of CEC, Josef Hollos asks that you visit the new CEC website to learn about what is happening in the CEC Region.

The website can be found at: www.cec-aita.eu.  CEC members will have received information from Karel Tomas about how you can add information to each country’s pages on the website. If you have not heard from Karel, interim General Secretary, do get in touch with him at: tomas@nipos-mk.cz

The CEC site has been designed to look a little like the aita/iata website and when you add information about an event in your country, then it will also appear at the right of the front page.

EFAT – European Forum of Amateur Theatre

In Monaco, on the afternoon of Saturday 24 August, there will be a discussion between representatives of CEC, CIFTA and NEATA on how National Centres, Affiliates and Associates can work more closely across Europe. The CEC carries information about earlier EFAT meetings on THIS page.

Secretariat aita/iata

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