Apr 242017
21st Drama in Education Congress 7–12 April 2017, Austria: Report & Pictures

The 2017 Drama in Education Congress is over and Dagmar Hoefferer-Brunthaler, Chair of IDEA, Austria reports on a highly successful event. Make a note of the next one - 12-17 April 2019. Challenging situations in and outside pedagogical environments seems to be more and more normal. It might be a challenging way of teaching an issue, [...]

Apr 202017
125 years of BDAT: AITA/IATA National Centre, Germany

The German National Centre BDAT is proud to celebrate its 125th Anniversary. The event is celebrated on its website with words of congratulation and support from many people from around the world including AITA/IATA President Rob Van Genechten. The statements are led by Simon Isser, President of the Confederation of German Amateurs as follows:

Apr 172017
Youth Summer School for acting, directing and drama, 3 - 10 July 2017, Kosovo

AITA/IATA Associate Mitrix Culture invite you to attend their Youth Summer School in Peja in the beautiful Rugova Mountains of Kosovo. The school is for those aged 18 – 31 and will run from 3 – 10 July 2017. The Fee is Euro 500 which includes accommodation, food and ‘school materials’. Participants will be collected on [...]

Apr 172017
World Festival of Children's Theatre, Canada 2016 - Final Report

Ron Dodson, co-organiser of the 2016 AITA/IATA World Festival of Children’s Theatre, has provided copies of a Final Report from the organizers of the 14th World Festival of Children’s Theatre. Ron and the WFCT team undertook this work so that anyone who wishes to hold a children’s festival has information to which they can refer.

Apr 142017
Progress Sopron: International Theatre Festival, Sopron, Hungary 20 - 23 September 2017

PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY ONE MONTH  TO MAY 25 (POST) OR MAY 30 (ELECTRONIC).  Janos Regos, of the National Centre of Hungary announces Progress Sopron International Festival taking place in September. Sopron is in NW Hungary close to the Austrian border. Progress Sopron is Hungary’s most important International Amateur Theatre Festival.

Apr 122017
New AITA/IATA Associate: Friends Nation, Zimbabwe

AITA/IATA asbl is delighted to welcome a new Associate, Friends Nation, the first in Zimbabwe. We were approached by Warren Usaihwevhu from the organisation. Warren said that he had an organisation working on representing amateur theatre. He noted that there was still much to learn and he wanted to create a direct link with AITA/IATA.