Sep 292016
New AITA/IATA asbl Associate: Lê Ngoc Theatre Troupe, Viet Nam

AITA/AITA asbl is delighted to welcome the first Associate to join from Viet Nam. It is the Lê Ngoc Theatre Troupe based in  Ha Noi, Vietnam. They were founded by a National Artist and this year took part in the Toyama Performing Arts Festival. The group is for young graduates, translators, drivers, students and aims [...]

Sep 292016
CEC International Festival of Youth Theatre, Tyumen, Russia 1 - 6 March 2017

The next CEC Theatre Festival will take place in Tyumen, Russia 1 – 6 March 2017. Organised by the Russian National Centre of AITA/IATA asbl and the Department of Culture of the Tyumen Region and the youth theatre company Mimicry. This festival is for groups whose National Centre falls within the CEC Region of AITA/IATA asbl, [...]

Sep 262016
New AITA/IATA asbl Associate: Artscape, Cape Town, South Africa

AITA/IATA asbl is delighted to welcome a new Associate from South Africa – Artscape. They are based in the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. The organisation sent a youth group to take part in the AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children’s Theatre (WFCT) in Stratford Ontario in June 2016

Sep 222016
Soukani Ostrov International Youth Theatre Festival, Czech Republic, 3-7 May 2017

Jonas Konyvka, Organiser of the Festival Soukani Ostrov, has published details of their biennial Festival 3 – 7 May 2017. Jonas is from ZUS Ostrov who are members of the AITA/IATA asbl Czech National Centre. The main initiator of the festival is the ensemble HOP-HOP. This festival is for young people aged 14 – 18 and [...]

Sep 222016
Hosting the 2020 AITA/IATA asbl World Festival of Children's Theatre

AITA/AITA asbl was delighted in June – HERE - to announce that the next World Festival of Children’s Theatre (WFCT) will be held in Lingen Germany 22 – 29 June 2018. But, what about the next WFCT to be held in 2020? Would you like to host it? If you are an AITA/IATA asbl National Centre [...]

Sep 202016
International Festival de Théâtre de Mont-Laurier, Canada 7 - 13 September 2017

AITA/IATA asbl Associates Double Défi, organisers of the International Festival of Mont-Laurier Theatre are preparing for the next scheduled event in the autumn of 2017 (7 – 13 September 2017). All interested groups who wish to participate in the next festival must email with their email address and they will forward the necessary documents for registration [...]

Sep 132016
New AITA/IATA asbl Associate: Smile-Group Canada

We are delighted to welcome a new Associate from Canada – Smile-Group Canada – who have international experience, having performed at the Sapperlot Festival this year. It is their artistic director Sasha Sinay who initiated the contact with AITA/AITA asbl. The group’s latest production is the Bubble Show which appears to involve juggling

Sep 132016
4th APOLLO International Youth Theatre Festival 11 - 15 May 2017, Alba Iulia, Romania

AITA/IATA asbl Associates Skepsis Group announce the 4th edition of the APOLLO International Theatre Festival to be held in Alba Iulia, Romania, for those aged 18 – 35 years. Festival co-ordinator Viorel-Mihai Cioflica says that APOLLO is not a competition, but it offers groups the chance to present their work, build bridges, develop collaborative relationships [...]

Sep 062016
Bhadgaun International Children's Theatre Festival, 23 - 29 October 2016, Nepal

Tanka Chaulagain, Artistic Director of Theatre Pragya writes on behalf of the organising committee of Matribhumi School with details of the Bhadgaun International Children’s Theatre Festival to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal 23 – 29 October 2016. The festival is for children and it is an unfolding cultural event with no specific theme. The invitation letter [...]